AgieCharmilles DRILL 300 B

Designed and built in Switzerland, the high-precision CNC EDM Drilling machine AgieCharmilles DRILL 300B is equipped with GF Machining Solutions’ latest digital generator and CNC, compact fixed table mechanics and high degree of automation. Thanks to fast drilling, low wear techonolgy and automatic electrode/guide changer ,the machine privides the maximum productivity in die plates, automotive, medical industries.

High quality hole machining with three axes

drill 300 B

High speed EDM drilling
The EDM generator has state-of-the art powerful electronics to increase production output by utilizing efficiently controlled EDM processes that include FPGA technology, digital data recording and fully digitized pulse control. The drilling process is continuously optimised with every pulse, thus the fastest drilling speed is achieved.

Fast and reliable breakthrough
With conventional breakthrough detection the machining time at breakthrough is even longer than the entire hole drilling time when the flushing process breaks down. With advanced breakthrough detection on AgieCharmilles DRILL 300 B, the process is monitored on a real time, the technology is adapted automatically to exit technology, the breakthrough time has been reduced greatly.

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Key Points

A winning solution…… for high quality hole machining

High speed drilling ------ increasing the customer’s productivity

Fine hole quality ------ The new standard in hole EDM drilling

Lower operating cost------ saving money for customers

Compact machine ------- saving workshop floor


Main specifications
X, Y, Z travel
600 x 400 x 450mm
23.622 x 15.748 x 17.716 in
Workpiece and electrode
Max. workpiece weight
2204.6 lb
Max. workpiece dimensions (L x D x H)
1000 x 700 x 500mm
39.37 x 27.559 x 19.685 in
Electrode diameter
0.3 - 3.0mm
0.012 - 0.118 in
Machine dimensions width x depth x height
1400 (1900 with tilting head) x 2320 x 2180mm
55.118 (74.803 with tilting head) x 91.338 x 85.827 in
Weight total without dielectric
5511.5 lb
Electric supply
Maximum power consumption
4.5 kVA