Power your performance

Your efficient production is at the heart of the modern IPG. Its onboard technologies boost cutting speed, precision and surface quality to satisfy your customers and put you ahead of your competitors.

Hole plate

Hole Plate- Dimensions : 250 x 150 x 15 mm - Steel - AC CUT AH (brass coated) wire - Five cuts - Positioning accuracy ± 3 μm - Surface roughness : Ra 0.22 μm

The T-shaped based mechanic frame permits loading oflarge and heavy work pieces. The compactness and independence of the XY/UV axes guarantee good positioning accuracy and highly repeatable results.

Stamping punch & die

Punch-Die- Height : 60 mm - Steel - AC CUT AH (brass coated) wire - Five cuts - Contour accuracy : ± 5 μm

Those parts were machined under the conditions our customers face daily in the stamping industry. It demonstrates the excellent machining capabilities essential for precision parts: remarkable form accuracy, excellent contour precision, exemplary surface quality and outstanding production repeatability—four reasons to buy a CUT E series machine.

Form accuracy

Form-accuracy- Height : 60 mm - Steel - AC CUT AH (brass coated) wire - Five cuts - Maximum dimensional error TKM : ±2 μm

Corner strategy
The corner strategy module automatically adjusts the parameters during changes of direction to ensure sharp angles and small radii.


Taper- Up to 30 degrees over 38 mm height - Steel - AC Brass 400 (soft) wire - 5 cuts - Surface roughness : Ra 0.55 μm

The CUT E series demonstrates its versatility by offering the capability to cut cones
Mastery of large tapers
TAPER-EXPERT allows very precise machining of taper with angle varying from 0 to 30°. Thanks to a dedicated measuring cycle, the position of the guides will be defined accurately according to the angle.

Variable height

Variable-height- Height : 10-60 mm - Steel - AC Brass 900 (hard) wire - Three cuts - Surface roughness : Ra 0.55 μm

The POWER-EXPERT module decides the optimal power to send in the wire, and is especially efficient for stepped parts. Critical situations such as when the part is approaching or crossing a blind hole, are fully automatically controlled by POWER-EXPERT.

High part

High-part- Height : 150 mm - Steel - AC CUT AH (brass coated) wire - Six cuts - Maximum dimensional error TKM : ± 5 μm

Precision over height
That function is a correction of conicity due the wearing of the wire during the cutting. The operator can set a value to compensate that wearing. That allows a much better form accuracy over height allowing more precise punch for stamping application or tallest part at equivalent precision for molding industry.

Hard metal die

Hard-metal-die- Height : 20 mm - Tungsten carbide - AC CUT AH (brass coated) wire - Five cuts - Surface roughness : Ra 0.17 μm

EDM EXPERT module generates the best process according to precision and material needs. A large panel of preconfigured technological parameters enables an optimal choice of parameters for your application. Combined with the latest state of the art GF Machining Solutions wires enables excellent performances.