GF Machining Solutions becomes a member of the OPC Foundation

Sep 21, 2017 3:52 PM

GF Machining Solutions is proud to join the OPC Foundation, a global organization establishing platform and vendor agnostic communication standards. As a member, GF Machining Solutions obtains access to the latest OPC specifications and can take an active role in working groups relevant to the machine tool industry.

With a strong commitment to open machine-to-machine communication, OPC membership was a logical step for this GF Division.  Andreas Rauch, Head of Digital Transformation at GF Machining Solutions, comments: “One of our main goals is to provide our customers with plug- and-play connectivity for all their manufacturing applications and processes. Given the scope and flexibility of OPC UA, we feel that the standard has the necessary breadth to cover the complex requirements arising from such a large context. As a corporate member of the OPC Foundation, we are making sure that we can leverage the full potential of the UA specification to the benefit of our customers. “

“The OPC Foundation welcomes GF Machining Solutions as a corporate member. GF Machining Solutions is very committed to open standards and specifically OPC UA technology, and their quality products clearly provide the solution for the manufacturing community who are demanding plug-and-play information integration interoperability” says Thomas J. Burke, OPC Foundation Pres. and Executive Director “We believe that GF Machining Solutions will also be a driving influence developing future OPC UA specifications because of their excellent visionary leadership that they have demonstrated over the years.”


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