Revolutionize your manufacturing process with the AM S 290 Tooling

Transcend conventional cooling to produce molds inserts as never before and gain unlimited possibilities to reduce lead time and total costs with our configured-for-you Additive Manufacturing (AM) solution. Profit from a system based on quality proven EOS technology.


A fully integrable path to the future

GF Machining Solutions has embraced AM as a leading technology providing new opportunities for its customers, and understands how it complements traditional technologies, particularly in mold and die manufacturing.


Beyond conventional machine tools

The “configured for you” system can produce mold inserts as never before, allowing you to transcend conventional to conformal cooling and experience the thermal management benefits of conformal heating/cooling channels for plastic injection and die casting.

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Get the efficient end-to-end process

Profit from access to our complete, dedicated solution and approach for mold and die and position your business for success with our AM team supporting you in defining the best manufacturing strategy for your specific market segments and products.


Beat the competition

See for yourself the positive results on your mold and experience significant reductions—up to 40 percent—on the whole casting or injection molding process. Make a significant positive impact on final part quality while reducing your scrap rate and reducing your production costs. 



Get the perfect build quality

Achieve perfect part density of 99.8 percent due to the perfect combination of a well proven system, high-quality metal powder and qualified process parameters.


Easily incorporate AM in your factory

Quickly and easily change between multiple machines while retaining the reference point with our integrated System 3R MacroMagnum clamping system (Erowa in option).


Quick start with an Easy-to-use system

Get reduced setup time and a fast path to printing with our user-friendly system and our strong support in trainings and qualification.


Decrease your lead time

Achieve faster time to market with the improved prototyping process enabled by AM technology. Experience appreciable cost savings and lead tie gains due to fewer machining steps and the use of simulation.




Plastic injection molding

Plastics industry growth is linked to trends such as the investigation of lighter and more efficient products for transportation; the increasing aging population and growing income as drivers for medtech; and rising need for packaging to meet consumer needs.

Such growth gives rise to increased competition and evergreater research and innovation efforts. Industry players are facing serious challenges with strategic processes with increasing complexity: deliver new products and new materials on the market while improving product quality, limiting costs, reducing cycle time and improving time to market.

GF Machining Solutions understands these challenges and its experts and partners can support companies from plastic industry during the whole process, from the original idea to the final product.

Metal die casting

There is increasing pressure to more quickly deliver higher quality die-casting parts. AM works for all kinds of products and is a very efficient option for dies characterized by thick walls.

The quality of these parts is linked to the quality of the tools used. Temperature control within these dies is of chief of importance. Efficient thermal regulation in dies is essential for stress-relieved cooling of the workpiece and positively impacts final part quality by eliminating hotspots for example.

As a bonus, improved temperature homogeneity can increase tools lifespan, therefore limiting the high cost of replacing production tools.


GF Machining Solutions recommends today two performant materials for the manufacture of molds and inserts for plastic injection and die-casting processes:

EOS Maraging Steel MS1

Available layer thicknesses µm 20 / 40 / 50
Yield strength MPA 1990
Tensile strength MPA 2050
Hardness HRC 50-56
Corrosion resistance   Good 

EOS Stainless steel CX

Available layer thicknesses µm 30
Yield strength MPA 1670 
Tensile strength MPA 1760 
Hardness HRC 51 
Corrosion resistance   Excellent 




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Main specifications
Build volume X, Y, Z
250 x 250 x 305 mm
9.843 x 9.843 x 12.008 in
Ytterbium fiber laser
400 W
400 W
Scan speed
up to 7 m s
up to 15.66 mph
F-theta lens; focus diameter
100 µm
393.7 μin
Nitrogen generator
Integrated kg
Integrated kg
Power consumption
max 8.5 (typical 3.20) kW
max 8.5 (typical 3.20) kW
Machine dimensions including console
2500 x 1300 x 2190 mm
98.425 x 51.181 x 86.22 in
Machine weight (machine only)
~ 1250 kg
~ 2755.75 lb



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