The machining accuracy of key parts is checked with CMM to guarantee the manufacturing accuracy. High precision linear guideway and ball screw are used for achieving better positioning accuracy.

High performance, high reliability


Fast speed, middle speed, low speed and step for moving the axes. Start or stop the oil pump. Stop the operation. It encompass the most varied combinations of workpiece and electrode materials. All the technology series are present in the machine and can be called in for the most varied applications.

Key Points

  • Moving axis function: automatic movement, manual movement, Half way, To home
  • Measuring unit: Corner Find, Edge Find, Center Find, Center Find Ext
  • Contact
  • Simple programming and the technology choice, multiple program mode: Manual / Automatic Erosion Programming
  • Display the erosion program
  • Job Transfer: USB interface, exchange the data between USB equipment and machine


Workpiece and electrode
Workpiece dimensions (W x D x H)
1700 x 2360 x 2480mm
66.929 x 92.913 x 97.638 in
500 x 400 x 400mm
19.685 x 15.748 x 15.748 in
Work table
Max. table load
500 x 250mm
19.685 x 9.843 in
Workpiece and electrode
Max. electrode weight
132.28 lb
Max. workpiece weight
881.84 lb
Max. workpiece dimensions (L x D x H)
790 x 480 x 235 mm
31.102 x 18.898 x 9.252 in
Minimum surface roughness (Ra)
1.181 μin