SP 3

Finite element analysis and full physical verification achieve high rigidity and unwavering precision. Machining centers “Mandelli” and “MIKRON” guarantee the manufacturing accuracy of parts. The machining accuracy of key parts is checked with CMM to ensure the manufacturing accuracy.

Rigid and sturdy mechanical design for a reliable EDM-process


High precision linear guideway and ball screw are used for achieving better positioning accuracy. Before delivery, every machine is measured with a laser interferometer to verify the positioning accuracy.

A 50A generator for consistent machining and low electrode wear (optional 100A for SP 3) PCB boards are soldered by wave welding machine automatically and tested by static test machine and simulator.

Key Points

  • Rigid and sturdy mechanical design for a reliable EDM-process.
  • CNC controlled axes movement , Z-axis driven by DC-servo system with a resolution of 0.5 µm for accurate erosion. X,Y-axes driven by a step motor with a resolution of 1 µm for positioning and planetary erosion.
  • 1 wide door for easy access to the work area.
  • Handbox with all main functions for operator’s comfort.
  • Suction and pressure flushing nozzles.
  • Z-axis plate surface for different accessories (3R,Erowa,etc).


Workpiece and electrode
Workpiece dimensions (W x D x H)
1700 x 2360 x 2480mm
66.929 x 92.913 x 97.638 in
Total weight
8002.7 lb
500 x 400 x 400mm
19.685 x 15.748 x 15.748 in
Work table
Max. table load
800 x 500mm
31.496 x 19.685 in
Workpiece and electrode
Max. electrode weight
220.46 lb
Max. workpiece weight
2204.6 lb
Max. workpiece dimensions (L x D x H)
1040 x 700 x 420mm
40.945 x 27.559 x 16.535 in
Max. workpiece weight with bath_without bath
11.811/27.559 in
Minimum surface roughness (Ra)
1.575 μin