Information and Communications Technology

As the increasing speed at which the digital world is growing, so do the demands on ICT manufacturers to rapidly produce an increasing number of highly complex components. GF Machining Solutions leads the way to the factory of the future, providing flexible, reliable and customizable machining solutions and manufacturing strategies to drive your productivity—today, tomorrow and in the future.


Due to a constellation of macroeconomic factors ranging from changing demographics, globalization, dynamic technology, innovation and the rise of developing nations, ODMs and OEMs as well as their suppliers are under mounting pressure to rapidly manufacture and deliver an increasing number of components at an increasingly high speed. At the same time, they are confronting the changing face of manufacturing.

The advancement of machine tools will transform the manufacturing environment in the coming decades, with the new workforce being flexible, quick to embrace new technologies and CAD/CAM fluent. Cutting speed and accuracy will still be essential, but logical, easy-to-use, feature-rich machine tools will make it easy even for new machine operators to contribute to production—and with dedicated manufacturing solutions, valuable human resources can be allocated to more complex tasks while your smart machining processes continue unmanned.

Leading the way to the factory of the future with flexible, reliable and customizable machining solutions and manufacturing strategies, GF Machining Solutions supports the full digital process, including Laser technology for Tooling and ICT manufacturing across a full range of processes—computer-aided design, numerically controlled machining, sustainable and non-polluting Laser mold texturing and eTracking being just a few examples. As pioneers in EDM, high-speed and high-performance Milling, innovators in Tooling and Automation and with a full range of customer services, GF Machining Solutions is uniquely positioned to take your manufacturing process to the next level.