Global automotive production is set to increase over the next few years and it is essential for automotive companies to embrace new technologies to meet increasingly regulatory environmental and safety standards. With GF Machining Solutions, you can count on superior performance, flexibility and reliability essential to the production of hardware and electronic connectors for automotive lighting, tires, tire applications, turbochargers, airbags and interiors.


As one of the largest players in five-axis Milling and a leader in special EDM solutions for fuel injectors and solutions to integrate multi-technology production lines, GF Machining solutions provides automotive manufacturers with the essential excellent performance, flexibility and reliability needed to stay on top.

In addition to keeping pace with growing demand, the automotive industry faces numerous challenges in the next decade, including safety, fuel efficiency and regulatory efforts to curb rising CO2 emissions. Vehicle electrification and hybridization are among the green technologies leading the way to greater environmental sustainability. With customers demanding better fuel efficiency, comfort and safety, it is imperative for automotive manufacturers to deliver quality, reliability, maintainability, economic performance and production flexibility—best done with strong, reliable partners such as GF Machining Solutions. From complex turbocharger components and intricate tire molds to durable parts made of lightweight materials and finely detailed texturing of plastic interiors, our comprehensive portfolio of technologies and automated solutions will exceed your expectations in terms of quality, expertise, reliability and performance.