Since 1995, GF Machining Solutions’ in-house Spindle manufacturer Step-Tec has been developing and manufacturing high-performance motor Spindles for applications in mold and die, aerospace and automotive, amongst others. Visit us at EMO Hannover 2017 to encounter the tailor-made Spindle solutions offered by Step-Tec delivering high power and agility.


Our range of Spindles, Solutions and Services is as unique as your requirements to stay ahead of the daily competition—no matter your application in milling, drilling, turning and grinding.

Our Spindles are renowned for their Swiss quality, reliability, excellent price/performance ratio, superb ratio of performance to compactness and weight, energy efficiency, thermostability and integrated sensors for Spindle monitoring, making them well prepared for Industry 4.0. With more than 20 years of experience, we support you to position yourself with outstanding results, no matter whether your demand is on productivity, availability or superior quality. That’s why we continue to develop extremely durable products and offer a comprehensive range of standard as well as tailored products which, thanks to our intense investment into the latest technologies, continue to justify our credo: Step-Tec – always a step ahead.

At EMO Hannover 2017, you will discover our all new HVC140 CoolCore Spindle, the best in its class in precision and thermostability, delivering top quality in mold and die applications. On display we will also have our platform spindles such as the versatile HPC190 and the high speed HVC120; and on special display, addressing the Aerospace market for heavy duty milling of structural parts as well as blisk, fir tree and blade milling, we will show our all new HPC290 along with the HPG211.

Visit us to discover our range and learn more about our Spindle service solutions.

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