Die sinking EDM

GF Machining Solutions is revolutionizing die-sinking EDM with features like FTC — the world’s fastest tool changer — and IQ technology to dramatically reduce electrode wear. All of our die-sinking systems offer fast removal and deliver mirror finishes of Ra 0.2 µm (8 µin)with pulse duration as short as 50 nanoseconds.

Die Sinking EDM

Micro machining

To satisfy demanding applications in connectors, as well as in the areas of medicine and watch industry, where components now need to be miniaturized.

High speed machining

With the GF Machining Solutions die sinker EDM Speed Finishing module the precision of detail is respected and it enables fine and even shiny surface finishes

Super finish

Obtain shiny homogeneity on large surface in a brilliant way.

General purpose

Well proven technology for demanding Mold Makers.

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AgieCharmilles FORM P 600

Cost effective

The AgieCharmilles FORM E 300 / AgieCharmilles FORM E 600 die-sinking EDM machines offer success-triggering features and excellent performance.

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AgieCharmilles FORM E 350
AgieCharmilles FORM E 600
EDM Machine - Die Sinking - AgieCharmilles FORM 200
350 x 250 x 300 mm
13.78 x 9.843 x 11.811 in

System 3R Transformer

GF Machining Solutions’ System 3R TRANSFORMER Automation is engineered to grow in line with your business needs and—ultimately—ensure a greater return

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EDM represents a key technology for production processes. Nowadays die-sinking EDM provides a rapid response to the new orders involving widely differing.

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SP 1 U
SP 3 U

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