FORM 200 Bp

The FORM 200 Bp range incorporates new online help to allow the operator to find relevant information as quickly as possible. This occurs via simplified access to help menus, by having a clearly organized navigation interface, that is more user-friendly and easy to grasp, and including search by key words or user index. Machining examples are produced as hard copy, presented in a succinct manner.

High flexibility for simple to complex tasks


The FORM 200 Bp EDM die sinker machines are fitted with an Intelligent Speed Power Generator (ISPG) which, using patented technologies, establishes new standards in surface quality, material removal and accuracy of form.

Electrode wear is reduced in all machining operations, from roughing to finishing, with copper or graphite electrodes. Productivity shows an average increase of 30 percent, and can even reach 100 percent for pre-milled forms. Even in the presence of deep, narrow cavities, with poor flushing conditions, a 50 percent increase in erosion speed can be obtained with no increase in electrode wear.

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  • Mechanical construction : compact and rigid mechanical concept
  • Control Unit : Flexible and entry adaptable to the working environment
  • Generator : Flexibility and power guarantee reliable results
  • Autonomy and flexibility : Configurable performance potential


기계 면적 길이 X 너비 X 높이
1900 x 1690 x 2650mm
74.803 x 66.535 x 104.33 in
총 중량(유전체 제외)
6172.88 lb
軸 軸移動量s
X, Y, Z 이동
350 x 250 x 300mm
13.78 x 9.843 x 11.811 in
제작물과 전극
제작물 면적 (길이 x 너비 x 높이)
790 x 530 x 350mm
31.102 x 20.866 x 13.78 in
최대 전극 무게
110.23 lb
최대 제작물 무게
1102.3 lb
배스 레벨
100 - 325mm
3.937 - 12.795 in
유전체 단위
생산 능력
108.31 gal
필터요소와 유형의 수
발전기 유형
ISPG Integrated
ISPG Integrated
최대 가공 전류 (옵션)
80 ( 140) A
80 ( 140) A
최소 표면 조도 (Ra)
0.08 µm
0.315 μin


FORM 200 Bp Layout

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