New Technologies Day


Date: Sep 7, 2017 - Sep 7, 2017



During the GF Machining Solutions New Technologies Day 2017 you will learn how product differentiation is one of the key success factors in today’s fast-moving global marketplace.

New Technologies Day will show you a traditional mold and how adding Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Laser Texturing to the process can help take your company to the next level.

AM and Laser Texturing allows you to give your designers the freedom they crave to develop never-before-seen products and gain an edge on the competition.

In addition to learning about how the two technologies can be combined to help your molding process, you will actually have the opportunity to walk away with a sample part produced using both AM and Laser Texturing. Plus, you will see how light refraction can also be applied to an actual plastic part itself and not just the mold thanks to a revolutionary process developed by Roc-Tool.


About GF Machining Solutions

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