Boost your texturing performance with Laser technology

Manufacturing processes are complex. Your objective is to simplify them so that they become shorter and more reliable. As a revolutionary and ever-evolving technology, Laser texturing helps you to achieve this objective. Count on Laser technology to execute Laser texturing, etching, blasting, engraving and marking operations in a single setup to boost your performance.


Smartpatch: Execute perfect texture profiles while saving time

Laser texturing solutions are reaching new levels of process intelligence and efficiency with advanced patching generation. With Smartpatch, Laser head movements are minimized to deliver highly efficient texturing and high-quality results.


Achieve unequaled texture quality

Geometrical textures require perfect profile accuracy. With our advanced patching generation, the software adapts the Laser patching strategy to the texture to be reproduced on an AgieCharmilles Laser texturing machine and situates patches at the best position to guarantee perfect execution of your operation. The result is a texture profile aligned with your expectations (Technical article). 


Execute precise texturing at a higher speed

The quality of texturing jobs is improved by the integration of intelligence and efficiency into the process: Smartpatch analyzes the job and generates the optimal patching strategy without affecting the texture’s quality. Smartpatch takes your operations to an uncompromising level of quality and productivity (Technical article).

Optimize your manufacturing process

The sintering punch carbide market is an example of how fast, highly reliable production of small mold inserts is increasingly required as a means of reducing non-quality costs. Be ready to simplify your manufacturing process and experience greater success with Laser texturing.


Reduce electrode production

Tungsten copper electrodes are costly and generate complexity in the electrode making process. Reduce your electrode production while shortening your lead time: With the help of Laser texturing, you can immediately realize Laser machining operations on your mold insert to guarantee your success with two Laser solutions.  

With a standard nanosecond solution coupled with the AgieCharmilles FORM S 350, you save more than 50 percent of your electrode consumption and get a perfect profile and surface finish.  

Use a femtosecond Laser solution to completely substitute  your traditional process with a femtosecond solution: Avoid the need of electrode machining and shorten your lead time; manage the risk of manufacturing as no cutting tools are necessary; and limit your stock of electrodes in order to reduce your production costs.


Get the right profile accuracy and surface finish in a single operation

The carbide sintering industry requires profile accuracy and surface finish to extend the punch lifetime. So, you need to shorten the processing time required for your job.

Our Laser texturing does not require electrodes, cutting tools or manual processes, so you achieve the repeatability crucial in your market. With Laser texturing, you finish your operation in one single setup—and achieve the specified results. With the femtosecond Laser solution embedded into the LASER P 400, you have the perfect tool to outpace your competition by delivering the right quality with a stable, optimized manufacturing process.  

Envision a secured manufacturing process

Discover perfect process stability and repeatability compared to manual surface texturing. With our fully digital, zero tool-wear Laser texturing, you are able to generate Laser blasting technology as a substitute for manual operations and reduce the risks associated with sandblasting or chemical etching.


Achieve perfect reproducibility with a digital technology

Surface texturing is at the last step in your process. Having an incorrect surface grain generated by a human error can compromise your part conformity. Substitute manual technologies reduce non-quality costs. Experience the game-changing advantage of a digital technology: stable quality throughout your production.


Boost your productivity via better quality than today's processes

Previously subcontracted anti-reflective surfaces on car lighting elements are feasible in your own workshop right after milling and polishing while eliminating the risk of human errors that can compromise your mold quality. Our Laser texturing solution automatically reproduces a sandblasting effect with the patented Laser blasting capability, you get unique tool. Master your full manufacturing process with GF Machining Solutions.