Die-Sinking EDM Family - Dive into your future-shaping solutions

Whatever the current—or future—die-sinking electrical discharge machining (DSEDM) challenge, GF Machining Solutions’ AgieCharmilles new FORM family of DSEDM machines are future-shaping solutions to advance manufacturers’ success.


FORM E series

Best value for your investment

Die sinking electrical discharge machining (EDM) for a wide rage of material in EDM

It has everything you need
This multifaceted die-sinking electrical discharge machining (EDM) performer delivers best value for the investment in the production of molds and parts. Starting with the most favorable floor space to work surface area ratio this sinker EDM solution offers superb accessibility; machines a wide range of materials; and has automated dielectric management, extended Automation capabilities and ever-evolving technological improvements.

"Maximizing productivity is key for my company"

FORM P series

Boost your running-time with efficiency

Die sinking electrical discharge machining (EDM)for deep rib and productivity in EDM

High productivity at your fingertips
Ribs are essential reinforcing features of plastic injected products because they support and strengthen the end product by increasing local stiffness. The AgieCharmilles FORM P die-sinking electrical discharge machining solution takes the management of deep ribs to new levels of respect for geometrical details and surface finishing while advancing manufacturers’ cost efficiency and machining speed.

“We need deep, reinforced plastic ribs to strengthen end-product rigidity”

FORM S series

Break through to the world of micro-profils

Die sinking electrical discharge machining (EDM) for thermostabilized micromachining connectors in EDM

Master miniaturization challenges
Thanks to the AgieCharmilles FORM S sinker EDM series’ state-of the-art design with breakthrough generator technology, accuracy-enhancing stability, thermostabilization and productivity-boosting machining quality, customers in electronic component manufacturing easily meet their ICT and automotive customers’ stringent quality requirements.

“Our mold insert have to be completely interchangeable”

FORM X series

Design for extreme accuracy and uncompromising quality

Die sinking electrical discharge machining (EDM) for high precision with thermostabilized EDM machines

Forming your extreme success
Extreme accuracy, highest precision in production, and unparalleled productivity come together as future-shaping solutions with the AgieCharmilles FORM X die-sinking EDM series. This series’ TECFORM ensures highest accuracy and reproducibility on both big and small parts. This is due to the fixed table and stiff machine base delivering perfect positioning accuracy along the entire axis travel. The result: high precision throughout the machining area.

“I need to provide the most accurate components possible”
Die-sinking family electrical discharge machining (DSEDM)

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