MILL S U Series
Speed and high surface quality—combined

Achieve speed, precision and surface finish automatically optimized to your particular mold and die focus—whether you’re serving automotive, ICT, packaging or electronic component manufacturers—with these five-axis Milling solution.


Best productivity—for you

Run virtually non-stop with second and third shifts, thanks to this highly productive machine. Achieve ideal surfaces due to linear technology-enabled machining dynamics; get top productivity with easy-to-use integrated Automation; and optimize your cutting strategies with our smart machine modules.

Ultrafast in the fourth and fifth axes

Answer growing part complexity, precision and cycle time demands with a five-axis strategy. Get the ideal combination of linear, rotating and swiveling axes and shorten your production time with direct Milling in one clamping operation as a substitute for other process steps. Profit from perfect surface quality and precision due to single-clamping production and perfectly aligned five-axis kinematics.


100% precision right on time and process

With AMC (Automated Machine Calibration) as standard the machine geometry can be calibrated at any time within minutes by any operator. The powerfull cooling of all machine components will keep your process stable.


+45% reduction of tool center point drift

The Ambient Robust technology enables a constant stabilization of the machine body temperature. Minimal movement of machine geometry will result in lowest possible drift of the tool center point.


+25% productivity while increasing accuracy

The linear drives supports the require of a smooth and homogeneous surface finish in order to decreasing manual polishing. Software tools like OSS (Operator Support System) enables to match the machine parameter with your performance needs.


24h billable autonomy

Integrated Automation with GF Machining Solutions most compact pallet changer. Preparation for third-party automation with robot interface. Even with automation access to working area is always enured.

Shiny surface finish and precise phases


Increase overall process productivity by combining finishing and polishing in one operation.

No performing limits on hard material


Increase flexibility and value by performing solid state carbide processing.

Improve your tooling, perfect your plastic part


Simplify production chain and reduce production cost of molds due to perfect suface quality.


MILL S 200 U

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MILL S 400 U

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MILL S 600 U

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