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GF Machining Solutions is a globally active corporate Group of the Swiss Georg Fischer Group, which attaches great importance to corporate governance...

Pascal Boillat

President of GF Machining Solutions, Swiss citizen, born 1955

GF AgieCharmilles Pascal Boillat

Pascal Boillat was named President of GF Machining Solutions in January 2013. He joined GF Machining Solutions as Head of Operations in October 2010. From 2003 to August 2010, he was President and CEO of GE Fanuc Automation Europe. After earning his ETS degree in electrical engineering at Ecole Technique supérieure Biel/Bienne, Pascal Boillat began his career in software development for machine tools at Wahli Frères. He then joined General Electric’s (GE), Industrial automation division in 1984 as a sales and application engineer. After the creation of the joint venture between GE and FANUC in 1985, Pascal Boillat took on leadership of the Swiss company before moving in 1999 to GE Fanuc Headquarter in Luxembourg as Executive VP Sales and Services.

Aitor Bustinduy

Head of Finance / IT, Spanish citizen, born 1972

GF AgieCharmilles Aitor Bustinduy

Aitor Bustinduy joined GF Machining Solutions as head of Finance in August 2013. Prior to joining the Group, he had been Senior Finance Manager with Amazon Europe since December 2010. Earlier in his career, Aitor Bustinduy was a controller with GE Fanuc in Spain and, later Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis and Chief Financial Officer with Fanuc CNC Europe in Luxembourg. He has a degree in Business from University of the Basque Country-Bilbao in Spain with additional executive master training in controllership from Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School in Belgium.

Jean Marc Hug

Head of Human Resources, Swiss citizen born 1969


Jean-Marc Hug joined GF Machining Solution in December 2011 as Human Resources (HR) Director Switzerland. In May 2014 he was named Head of Human Resources. He holds a Master of Law degree from the University of Lausanne and completed executive trainings in HR management at CRQP.
He started his career as legal counsel and then worked as Head of  HR  in several industrial companies, including Wenger SA and Manufacture des Montres Rolex. Before joining GF Machining Solutions he was the Head of Human Resources at Leclanché and Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe SA.

Ivan Filisetti

Head of Operations (COO), Italian citizen, born 1969

GF AgieCharmilles Ivan Filisetti

Ivan Filisetti was named Head of Operations (COO) in January 2013. From 1990 to 2000, he served Agie in Losone in several roles, ranging from Production Manager and Project Manager to product engineer and CAD-CAM programming. From 2000 to 2005, he was Plant Manager in Gildemeister Italiana (DMG Group) where he was responsible for logistic, production, mechanical machining and purchasing. From 2005 until the end of 2008, Ivan Filisetti was Operations and Division Manager with SAMPutensili Bologna (Italy) responsible for the six plants located worldwide. He rejoined GF Machining Solutions, Losone in January 2009 as Managing Director with global responsibility for the EDM division research and development (R&D), production, finance, human resources, purchasing and marketing.  Ivan Filisetti, a mechanical engineer specialization in automation and robotics, graduated in 1989 in Como.  Since then he has continued his education with several trainings on production, R & D, project management, administration topics.

Andreas Rauch

Head of Digital Business, Swiss citizen, born 1966


Andreas Rauch is responsible for GF Machining Solutions Digital Business since August 2018. He's driving the digital transformation, software engineering and design thinking initiative through our organization.

Born in Zürich, Switzerland, he graduated in Mechanical Engineering and postgraduate studies in business administration and software development. Andreas founded his own company in 1998, specialized in Design to Manufacturing processes, and sold it in 2010 to a leading company in the turbomachinery environment. Before joining GF Machining Solutions in April 2017, he was GEs Head of Advanced Works in Europe and responsible for Digital Twin implementation projects and Brilliant Factory Systems.

Blaise Mahieu

Head of Business Service Development & Quality, French citizen born 1972


Blaise Mahieu joined GF Machining Solutions in January 2013 as Head of Quality. He is a graduade engineer from Institut des Sciences et Techniques de l’Ingénieur d’Angers (ISTIA), University of Angers, France, and holds a production management engineering degree from Institut des Sciences de l'Entrepise de Montpellier (ISEM), France. Blaise is married and has two children.
After gaining experience in production environments in France and Indonesia, he joined Valeo Group, a main automotive industry supplier. Within Valeo, he held successive positions in the field of quality, with growing responsibilities and within different divisions in France and Thailand. 

Stefan Hoher

Head of Marketing & Communications, German citizen, born 1970


Stefan Hoher joined GF Machining Solutions in August 2018 and was appointed to Head of Marketing & Communications in December 2018. He is responsible for the Business Unit Marketing & Communications, which includes Product Management (EDM, Milling, Laser, Additive Manufacturing & Software) and Communication (Brand/Communication, Events, Digital Communication). The mission is to provide tools and support for a successful sales organization worldwide.

After an education in banking he started an advertising agency in 1994 which early on specialized in online marketing. In 2005 he joined GF Piping Systems as Head of Marketing Communications. 2008 he moved to California, USA to work for Shaw Industries, Inc. in the position of Head of Marketing – Technology. In 2013 he joined GF again as Head of Global Communications at GF Piping Systems, and was 2015 named Head of Branding & Digital Communications at the GF Corporation. 

Armando Pereira

Head of Business Development, Segmentation & Competition, Spanish and Swiss citizen, born 1960

GF AgieCharmilles Armando Pereira

Armando Pereira is Head of Business Development, Segmentation & Competition, since December 2018, based in Geneva.
After earning his mechanical engineering diploma from Ecole d'ingénieurs, in Geneva, he worked for a year in production at Stellram before joining Charmilles Technologies as an application engineer in 1985. From 1988 to 1989, Armando Pereira set up the Center of Application at Charmilles United Kingdom; the following year, he set up the Center of Application for the then newly established Charmilles Japan, where he also served as a die-sinking EDM expert. From 1991 to 1997, Armando Pereira served at Geneva headquarters, where he was responsible for Marketing the high-end line of die-sinking EDM machines. In 1991, he was named head of GF Machining Solutions South China, with responsibility for setup and development of the company. From 2002 to 2008, Armando Pereira was based in Geneva as Head of Marketing and Communication for EDM products. In 2008, he was named Head of Market Region Asia. In January 2013, he took over the responsibility of the Business development for the Division and was named Head of Marketing, Communication & Business Development-Segmentation in March 2015.

Scott Fosdick

Head of Market Region Americas, US citizen born 1969


Scott Fosdick holds a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado. He started his career in Japan as a development engineer for a Japanese machine tool company, before joining GF Machining Solutions in 1994. He successfully worked for our technical service in Japan before taking over the position of Service Manager for Asia. In 2001, Scott Fosdick became Managing Director of Agie Charmilles South China and achieved outstanding results until he left GF Machining Solutions in 2007.Over the period 2007-2013, Scott Fosdick developed his knowledge in the aerospace market segment, working for one of our renowned competitors. Scott Fosdick rejoined GF Machining Solutions in May 2013 as Segment Manager for Aerospace and Automotive in Asia.

Since March 2015, he’s been promoted Head of Market Region Americas.

Antonio Faccio

Head of Market Europe, Italian citizen born 1972


Antonio Faccio, former Head of GF Machining Solutions Italy, holds a degree in mechanical engineering and has an excellent expertise in computer numerical control. In 1998, he joined FANUC Italia, and swiftly moved from the application field to the sales area. Since 2011, Antonio Faccio has been in charge of the GF Machining Solutions sales company in Italy, and successfully developed the Italian market. “Thanks to his profound professional experience, he will bring the right dynamism to further develop this important region”, says Pascal Boillat, Head of GF Machining Solutions.

Laurent Castella

Head of Market Region Asia, Swiss citizen born 1966


Laurent Castella is Head of Market Region Asia since September 2012, based in Shanghai. He joined GF AgieCharmilles in August 1990 and after a short period in Geneva, moved to Japan as technical support engineer in December 1991. There he became successively Service Manager then Consumables Manager for the Asia region. In 2000, Laurent moved to Taiwan in his first role of Managing Director. In 2005, he moved to Shanghai and became Managing Director for East China market. Laurent joined back the Group in September 2012 after 3 years spent with another Swiss machine-tools company. He has a bachelor of electrical engineering from the Engineering School of Fribourg - Switzerland, and completed his education with a MBA from the University of Southern California in 2010.

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