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Beyond TCO: lowest price not always best


Progressive procurement professionals are challenging conventional approaches to by looking at procurement through a different lens—one that considers more than direct and indirect costs of an asset over its entire life cycle.

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Backed by a tradition of integrity, Woodward, Inc. is innovationg for a better future


When Amos T. Woodward founded The Woodward Governor Company—today known as Woodward, Inc.— in 1870, he set in motion a tradition of integrity and a legacy of innovation that continues today, and is supported with products, application support, and Customer Services from GF Machining Solutions.


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Customers' needs are top priority for Italy's VECA


Situated in the heart of Italy’s Modena Province—known as “the capital of engines”—the VECA Group is intent on amazing its customers. VECA relies on GF Machining Solutions in its quest to achieve stunning quality and fast delivery times.



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Using 'best technologies' sharperns Lotus F1 Team's competitive edge


In a sport where every fraction of a second counts, the tiniest competitive edge can make the difference in the machine shop as well as on the race track. That’s why GF Machining Solutions is the team’s longest-standing technical partner.


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These Milling solutions deliver the productivity and precision you need


Your productivity and precision are designed into the Mikron MILL S 400 (U), Mikron HSM 200 (U) LP, and Mikron HPM 800 U, so you can work with full confidence.


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Liechti Engineering: the world leader in airfoil machining solutions


GF Machining Solutions’ Liechti Engineering helps its aerospace and power generation customers achieve productivity gains of more than 30 percent, thanks to reduced machining times.


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New System 3R solutions with Fanuc robots meet precision parts producers' needs


The distinct needs of precision parts producers are at the heart of System 3R’s new Automation solutions using Fanuc six-axis industrial robots.


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Support for China’s efficiency drive


As labor costs rise year after year in China, the nation faces pressing challenges, including companies reshoring or moving plants to Southeast Asian countries. GF Machining Solutions is particularly well positioned to support Chinese companies as they work toward greater efficiency.


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Precision for that perfect look


Braunform GmbH specializes in high-precision injection molds and since 1977 the company’s production process has relied on GF Machining Solutions’ electrical discharge machining (EDM) technology. At the same time this medium-sized business is not afraid of trying out prototypes and getting them ready for the market. Consequently Braunform is a step ahead of many competitors.


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WEDM can replace broaching for fir tree slot production


As aerospace original equipment manufacturers and value chains face increasing pressure to produce more fuel-efficient aircraft, wire-electrical discharge machining (WEDM) is emerging as a key machining technology.


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REFULL Tianke depends on best-in-class machines


Even before North China’s Tianjin REFULL Tianke Mold & Die Co., Ltd, got up and running in 2006, GF Machining Solutions was its first choice for EDM technology. Today, as a full-service partner to globally known brands, the company still counts on GF Machining Solutions for best-in-class machine tools.


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Performance, versatility are hallmarks of these wire-cutting EDM solutions


GF Machining Solutions’ AgieCharmilles CUT E 350/600, CUT 200/300 mS and CUT 200/300/400 Sp wire-cutting EDM products satisfy a wide variety of customer needs.


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Step-Tec Spindle repair and maintenance


Step-Tec Spindles from GF Machining Solutions stand for quality and guarantee the highest performance and reliability; they are the heart of your machine tool.


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Laser 400 range delivers versatility for easy engraving, texturing, structuring


GF Machining Solutions’ compact, versatile and highly accurate new LASER 400 range of threeand five-axis Laser texturing solutions represent the future of texturing—today.


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VDP feature improves stability, paves way to desired surface quality


System 3R’s Vibration Damped Palletization (VDP) improves workpiece surface quality, extends tool and spindle life, and provides shorter lead times.


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Customer Services' rConnect takes your opeeration into the future


GF Machining Solutions is advancing the Industry 4.0 vision of the smart factory of the future with the launch of the machine tool industry’s most in-depth remote machine tool analysis.

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