Circular economy

Elevate your machining experience with our circular economy solutions

Welcome to our circular economy initiative, where customer benefits and business durability take center stage. Discover how our sustainable practices enhance your machining experience while ensuring long-lasting quality in every product and solution. Join us in creating a resilient, eco-friendly future that values resource efficiency and innovation at every step.

Our activities

We reuse

Machine reuse offers numerous benefits, including sustainability and cost-efficiency. Key components such as second-hand rotary tables, spindles, and electronic cards can be effectively repurposed, reducing waste and conserving resources. Embrace sustainability and cost-efficiency by giving these vital parts a second life.

We rethink

Learn about the future of sustainable innovation with GF Machining Solutions' approach to rethinking machines. Our Sustainability radar model assesses every aspect, from eco-conception to energy efficiency, ensuring each new generation minimizes environmental impact while maximizing performance.

We recycle

Read more about how we advance sustainability through expert handling of machine and component recycling. We ensure compliance with standards, conserve resources, and help you cut disposal costs while advancing your circular economy goals.

We retrofit

Retrofit involves redefining machine efficiency by enhancing older systems with advanced technology to exceed current performance limits. Retrofit kits and bespoke upgrades, including Turbo Tech and advanced cooling systems, are available to achieve these improvements.

We refurbish

Check our expert refurbishing services to revive and renovate machines to their original performance standards. Our comprehensive process includes full machine reviews and warranties, ensuring quality and reliability for customer and secondhand machines alike.

We repair

Our comprehensive machine repair services include maintaining specific components such as spindles and electronic cards, as well as the expert repair of rotary tables - onsite or in our facilities. Our tailored solutions are designed to ensure seamless operational efficiency.