GF Machining Solutions presents the next generation of wire-cutting EDM machines

5/7/21 - 2:29 PM (Central European Time)

GF Machining Solutions is living up to its role as innovator and pioneer in wire-cutting EDM, with four novelties offered with the new generation of machines: the Intelligent Spark Protection System (ISPS), iWire, Turbo Tech and Uniqua.

The features ISPS, iWire, Turbo Tech and Uniqua are available among all series of the new generation of wire-cutting EDM machines. They offer customers flexibility, an unbeatable speed performance that sets a new benchmark in the industry and maximum machining efficiency, while lowering overall costs and environmental impact by reducing wire consumption.

The Spark Track platform, launched by GF Machining Solutions in 2019 has been a breakthrough in wire-cutting EDM, monitoring spark distribution along the wire. ISPS, GF Machining Solutions' Intelligent Spark Protection System, is a module that optimizes the machining process without risking wire breakage. Thanks to the data collected and processed by the Spark Track platform, ISPS can automatically control and adapt the cutting parameters of a wire-cutting EDM machine, ensuring an improved, safe cutting process, avoiding wire breakage, while achieving maximum machining efficiency. The machine adapts automatically to differing conditions without the need for fine-tuning, as the result will be flawless from the first cut.

iWire is a sustainable, intelligent process that permits an optimization of wire consumption. As an adaptive software module based on the Spark Track platform, it reduces the consumption of wire, especially in cases where pieces present a big variation of height or upper or lower heads cannot be placed close to the work piece surface. The best performance can be reached with certified wires from GF Machining Solutions. Depending on the work conditions and the application, the degree of wire consumption reduction can vary.

Turbo Tech, a new standard technology that is faster than the existing speed technology on wire-cutting EDM machines, is fully compatible with the Spark Track platform. Turbo Tech offers an excellent speed-accuracy compromise in good or bad flushing conditions, is available for all wire types (brass, speed and quality) and fully integrated in Uniqua or AC Cut 2 interfaces. Thanks to the faster final machining time and the resulting lower wire consumption, it is not only a state-of-the art, but also a sustainable technology.

Uniqua, the new unique human machine interface for EDM machines, increases the productivity time and allows customers to decide their priorities anytime and get the best out of their machines. Thanks to its intuitive workflow and a short learning curve, it simplifies the operator's life by adapting to his way of working and offering the possibility to change the programs on board as well as a flexible management of the workshop. Integrated help and tutorials are always available, making it easy to use not only for operators accustomed to ISO programming and for seasoned users, but also for novices.

Experience all these four novelties at the dedicated digital presentation, which will take place on 20 May during the INNOTEQ.DIGITAL. Visit INNOTEQ:DIGITAL Website for more information.

GF Machining Solutions has over 60 years of experience in EDM machine building. This unique history in mechanical engineering began in 1952 in the age of electrical discharge machining with the presentation of the first EDM machine. The first die-sinking EDM machines opened up new possibilities in mold making. Geometries for complex cavities could be manufactured in "positive" (raised) image as electrodes and mapped into injection molds through EDM. In 1969, the world's first CNC wire-cutting EDM machine was introduced, and with it, a revolution in toolmaking took its course. Thanks to this development, filigree geometries could be easily programmed and cut directly from materials such as hardened steel and carbide, initially with copper wire, then with brass wire. All without templates, without dividing into segments. Cutting tools suddenly became relatively easy to produce on demand – with reproducible geometry and guaranteed accuracy. With the introduction of the 4 new features available in the new generation of wire-cutting EDM machines, a further step has been made to push the limits of wirecutting EDM, positioning GF Machining Solutions as a competent and visionary manufacturer of EDM systems. 


Michelle Steinemann

Head of communication

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