Easy and fast set up with full access

Get an optimal view and access to your workpiece to speed up setup time and extend your running time even without automation. Experience effortless crane loading, thanks to a "1+1/2"-door systems for maximum table and workpiece access, and large windows on all sides for an unlimited view of the workpiece.

Low downtime due to quality components

Say goodbye to unplanned downtime, due to our high-quality standards. Ensure your part quality and your on-time delivery with a solution engineered—and tested—for your success embedded high-quality powered components.

Fast delivery for a quick ROI

Get faster return on investment with our fast delivery of our most popular machine configurations. Go from your investment decision to producing your first parts within two weeks thanks to our fast European stock. Choose the single-source solution provider who puts you on the fast path to success.

Mikron VCE 600 Pro - Mikron VCE 800 Pro - Mikron VCE 800W Pro - Mikron VCE 1000 Pro - Mikron VCE 1200 Pro - Mikron VCE 1400 Pro - Mikron VCE 1600 Pro - Mikron VCE 2000 Pro

MILL E 800 - MILL E 1200

Flawless workpiece quality for 100% of jobs

The MILL E / VCE PRO Series offer spectacular, reliable performance in conventional and high-speed milling applications alike thanks to well-known and proven components brought together in highly efficient packages built for performance.

1+1/2-door access for unrestricted ergonomics

Large front doors and side doors in a “1+1/2”-door system provide three-sided ergonomic access to work tables and workpieces as well as tools and the tool changer – and make for easy part loading and unloading for the widest range of applications.

Up to 20k of easy-to-integrate dynamic machining

Three spindle options, from the high-torque 9,000 rpm model to a high-speed 20,000 rpm cartridge-type motor spindle make it easy to find the MILL E / VCE PRO Series solution ideal for your shop – and Step-Tec Spindle technology means smooth performance and exceptional reliability.

Uninterrupted production, 365 days a year

Minimize non-productive time with side-mounted automatic tool changers, high-capacity magazines and a fast gear-cam-driven double-arm gripper system as well as advanced chip and coolant management and automation-ready enclosure design.

First-in-class performance for any shop

3-axis machining excellence has never been easier to integrate thanks to the high-efficiency solutions in the MILL E / VCE PRO Series. These reliable, affordable machines deliver GF Machining Solutions’ industry-leading technology, from Step-Tec Spindles to smart machine modules, in a package capable of handling a wide variety of applications and materials with its stiff machine base and high dynamics. 

An infinite range of manufacturing possibilities

The comprehensive range of options available for the MILL E / VCE PRO Series makes it simple to put together the manufacturing solution that’s ideal for your shop’s needs. Three spindle sizes, tables built for the most popular part sizes and weights, and the latest generation of standard and optional equipment – along with various tool magazine sizes and control types – allow for a truly limitless range of possibilities for your part-production operations. 


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