Increasing sales, productivity, cost savings and quality are often contradictory goals. This is especially true in today`s very difficult market situation worldwide. Machine tool builders have to be innovative in order to remain competitive against upcoming technologies and new competitors from emerging markets.

Step-Tec spindles help to improve machines performance and quality as well as to reduce the total cost of integration. We also want to strengthen the ability to respond to new product requirements by providing platform solutions. End customers benefit from our high-tech morotized spindles, which enable them to produce best-in-class products by offering more than just a spindle: complete solutions, including maximum availability through exceptional service, technical know-how, peripheral parts and software packages.

There are two ways of getting more information about Step-Tec spindles: segment-specific or if the diameter is already clear directly over product platforms.


From Aerospace over Medtech to Transportation… We serve your market:

Spindle platforms

We understand platforms as spindles of the same diameter with as many common parts as possible. Platforms are easy to interchange as no new z-slide is required. Within one platform there are plenty of specific spindle solutions. 

HVC 240



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