Different temperature monitoring sensors provide valuable information to calculate the spindles axial movement. Every unexpected movement of the spindle can lead to inaccuracies of the final part. Therefor we check constantly these movements to adapt the spindles behaviour, i.e. giving the necessary information realtime to the CNC.

Spindle status:

Combining different kind of information like the spindles temperature and accelleration allows us to define the spindle status. This spindle status is the basis of any following monitoring or diagnostic software.

Spindle Monitoring Software (SMSoftware):

This software allows you to monitor the spindle status in realtime on a monitor next to your machine. It provides valuable information about the process and eventually necessary adaptions.

Spindle Diagnostic Software (SDSoftware):

This software is an analysing software, which allows to evaluate the machining process remotely. Therfor it provides the basis for process improvements.


Spindle specifications

HVC/HPC150 - One Touch


Diameter: 150 mm
Interface:  HSK-A63
Lubrication:  Oil-air
Motor type:  Asynchron
Length:  471 mm flange to end
Coolant through unit  
HVC/HPC150 - Tool Maker


Diameter: 150 mm
Interface:  HSK-E50
Lubrication:  Oil-air
Weight:  40 kg
Motor type:  Synchron
Length:  360 mm flange to end
Coolant through unit  
Cool Core  

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