Productivity and cost pressure forces market actors to refine their machining processes towards quality and efficiency. To achieve that goals, parts should be finshed with at least steps as possible. Even with a lot of material removal the parts should feature the required quality without additional handling.

Material challenges

The materials within the Packaging industry vary from steel, over HRC steel, to aluminum alloys. Cost-efficient roughing and finishing, thermal stability inspite of high speed machining and reliable precision inspote of dynamic machinic are aspects to consider. For mastering these challenges our spindles are able to mill, grind and even turn because of their stiff bearing arrangement and optional spindle shaft interlock. Furthermore we provide several software options to improve the whole machining process.

Our market-oriented solutions

HVC 140 platform

The HVC 140 Spindle platform offers a minimal diameter of 140mm and can accomodate  higher diameters. As an HVC platform it provides highest speed with fair power and torque to achieve precision and surface quality for  parts within the Packaging industry. Typical use cases include different kind of molds, from bottles to boxes. The HVC 140 offers many advantages like the possibility of highest availability through our Spindle Exchange Program (SEP) or the possibility of achieving very precise finishes when milling and grinding through our stiff bearing arrangement backed with P2-quality bearings.


Recommended spindle

HVC 140 - Tool Maker
This spindle is perfectly made for machining middle sized high surface quality parts due to it`s 42.000 rpms while still providing notable 13 kW (S6 40%).

HVC/HPC 150 platform

The HVC/HPC 150 Spindle platform offers a minimal diameter of 150mm and can accomodate  higher diameters. This platform combines the advantages of a HVC platform, first of all the high speed and the advantages of the HPC platform, the power and torque for extended roughing. This platform solution is perfectly suited when it comes to high material removal combined with high surface quality. Therefor it offers many advantages:  In-house manufactured extrem round shafts for surface quality, Cool-Core technology and Opticool-System for polar temperature stability and thus enabling realiability and optional an AE-sensor for advanced grinding. 


Recommended spindle

HVC/HPC 150 - Tool Maker
This spindle enables you to finish parts with high precision and quality due to ist 36.000 rpm with still 33 kW (S6 40%).

HPC 190 platform

The HPC 190 Spindle platform offers a minimal diameter of 190mm and can accomodate  higher diameters. As an HPC platform it provides the necessary power, torque and speed for the roughing and finishing of precision parts  within the productivity requiring Packaging industry. Typical use cases are medium to large sized molds. WIth the HPC 190 platform you get various tools to monitor and improve the production process and therefor saving costs, as well as the possibility to mill, grind and turn within one clamping through our optional spindle shaft interlock and AE sensor.  


Recommended spindle

HPC 190 - One Touch
With this spindle you only need to touch the part once. Milling, grinding and turning, finish and roughing, all is possible due to ist 20.000 rpm, 36 kW (S6 40%) and 120 Nm (S6 40%).