rConnect Live Remote Assistance

Get instant support remotely from GF. You can rely on our expert engineers to rapidly troubleshoot your machine remotely. Live Remote Assistance is a modern and ultra-secure hotline that allows you to receive fastest support from our service team.

Live Remote Assistance
Fast management of requests for assistance

Fully secured connection

Premium access to hotline

Optimized diagnostics and minimize service costs

Video Live Remote Assistance


Secure connection

Safely experience your connected machine: reliability and quality of the rConnect ecosystem

Certification by the independent organization TÜViT guarantees an optimal level of security of the server on which GF Machining Solutions data is hosted and stored. An encrypted, point-to-point connection certified by TÜViT guarantees the security of your sensitive data.

  • Fast support on a secure channel
  • TÜViT certification 2017 re-audited
  • Connection on demand
  • Outgoing SSL-encrypted connection to ensure your full protection
  • Instant virtual private network (VPN)
  • Ensure a better traceability with log files
  • Server infrastructure owned by GF Machining Solutions
    rConnect secure connection

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