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I need to reduce my WEDM setup time

  • System 3R Automation - Cell
  • System 3R Tooling
  • 3D Setup
  • Retractable Renishaw Probe
  • My rConnect - OPC-UA use of user input for setup



I need to reduce my WEDM consumables costs

  • Turbo-tec
  • ISPS
  • iWire
  • Cost of operation sheet for WEDM
  • Extended Filtration

How can I reduce WEDM cutting time

  • Advanced high speed wires
  • Turbo-Tec
  • ISPS
  • AWC - Automatic Wire Changer
  • rConnect Messenger Dynamic - Early/Late in Uniqua HMI



What has GF Machining Solutions done to reduce or simplify maintenance

  • New upper and lower head designs
  • Life span for 4 filters versus 2 filters
  • Greasing cycles on the machine
  • On-Board maintenance

How easy is the WEDM control for lesser skilled employees

  • New Uniqua control



How do I reduce electrode manufacturing costs?

  • Smart tools
  • Wear
  • Partitioning
  • HSM 500
  • Graphite
  • iQ

I need accuracy, what has GF Machining Solutions done to increase the accuracy in die-sinking EDM

  • Thermostability
  • MicroTec
  • iQ 
  • T.R.U.E
  • methode



How easy is the die-sinking EDM control for lesser skilled employees

  • Intuitive AC FORM HMI

I would like to incorporate automation but I think it is difficult. Show me how to do it.

  • System 3R steps to automation



What is GF Machining Solutions doing to improve?

  • Success Packs

What is GF Machining Solutions doing about machine reliability

  • Factory reliability program



How can I know if my machine is efficient

  • My rConnect - OPC-UA with user input for setup
  • rConnect Messenger
  • Success Packs

Reduce non-conformance - high scrap rate

  • OSS
  • AMC
  • System 3R



Reduce turnaround time

  • Automation
  • One source solutions
  • OSS

I use chemical etching today, what are the benefits of using laser

  • Environmental benefits
  • Repeatability
  • Reduction in cost of consumables
  • Easier to make changes to the design
  • Easier to produce the design
  • Size doesn't matter



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