System 3R - Anniversary - 50 Years

Apr 6, 2017 9:38 AM

Global Tooling, Automation and software leader System 3R, a technical unit (TU) of GF Machining Solutions since 2001, marks its 50th anniversary in June, and is already planning activities — including some giveaways — throughout 2017 to celebrate this milestone.

The Stockholm, Sweden-based System 3R, founded on June 5, 1967, is a global leader in its sector, with more than 50 percent market share. That’s because System 3R is known as a “The Pioneer,” standing today more than ever for the very highest precision and groundbreaking engineering. System 3R Tooling, Automation and software solutions help mold and die and parts production customers increase their productivity, quality and flexibility while shortening their time to market. System 3R’s high-precision Tooling solutions are sold mainly outside of Scandinavia; in fact, it’s the leading Tooling supplier in Asia and the United States.

For example, System 3R Tooling decreases setup time so users achieve higher productivity and, because there is no operator influence, production becomes more consistent. On the Automation side, customers using System 3R solutions can run their machines 24/7 to ramp up their productivity and reduce their lead times. With System 3R Automation, various machine brands and/or processes can be linked together.

As a pioneer, System 3R is actively shaping the future: Industry 4.0 is a key element of its future strategy, with a strong focus on Automation based on software that regulates the interaction between machines and robots. Customers’ big benefit is avoidance of errors. Another important benefit is the improved analysis of all process information, such as the time required for subsequent process stages or scheduled maintenance.

As part of the lead-up to its 50th anniversary celebration, System 3R—which employs 160 people—has developed the enclosed special logo which colleagues across GF MS are free to use. For example, TU System 3R colleagues are using the logo in their email signatures throughout 2017.