Mikron UCP 800 Duro

A five-axis high-performance machining centre, that is also capable of heavy metal removal. The generously dimensioned round swivel table is fitted directly on the massive mounting surfaces of the polymer concrete base. Thanks to the construction with the travel movements by the tool and the rotation and swivel axis in the table, there are constant mass ratios for the dynamics and acceleration. The Mikron UCP 800 Duro is as well suited for 5-axis simultaneous machining work as it is for 5-sided machining operations.

Base for precision during the whole life of the machine

Milling - High Performance Machine - UCP 800 Duro

The  Mikron UCP range was specifically designed to meet the highly demanding requirements of the mould and die industry as well as the production of parts requiring high accuracy.
The range was designed using the latest materials and technology to ensure the dynamic features required for high speed machining.
The UCP range of machines have been designed to fully incorporate the benefits of a wide range of Mikron Step-Tec high-speed spindle.

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Key Points

  • Robust polymere concret base and solid construction
  • Great ergonomics and integrated Automation
  • High rigidity and reliable performance
  • Customizable and optimizable to fit to specific processes


Main specifications
Travel X, Y, Z
800 x 650 x 500 mm
31.496 x 25.591 x 19.685 in
Swiveling axis tilting axis
-100 /+120 / nx360°
-100 /+120 / nx360 °
Working Spindle (40% ED, S6)
20000 (HSK-A63) / 30 / 91 rpm / kW / Nm
20000 (HSK-A63) / 30 / 91 rpm / kW / Nm
Feed rate / rapid traverse X, Y, Z
30 m / min
30 m / min
Rapid traverse (swiveling, rotating)
10 / 20 rpm
10 / 20 rpm
Clamping surface / Max. load
600x600 // 500/1000 mm / kg
600x600 // 500/1000 mm / kg
Tool magazine
30 (ISO-B40) // 30 (HSK-A63) // 36 (HSK-E40) piece
30 (ISO-B40) // 30 (HSK-A63) // 36 (HSK-E40) piece
Control unit - Heidenhain
iTNC 530
iTNC 530


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