Mikron MILL P U serie: Agility for the future

Agility for the future: Mikron MILL P series delivers intelligent productivity to help mold and die manufacturers overcome their challenges. Rapid market developments and future-changing innovations challenge mold and die manufacturers’ ability to adapt to change. GF Machining Solutions provides these manufacturers with agility for the future with its Mikron MILL P series of five-axis, simultaneous Milling machines.The Mikron MILL P U Series is a very robust, stable and accurate machine center in a gantry-type design. This five-axis Milling solution is designed for high-performance machining applications. For best accuracy and surface finish by simultaneous operation, the machine has water-cooled direct drives in the rotary and swiveling axes. These axes can be clamped to reach even a higher stiffness during roughing. Workpiece access is made easy by the big door and the short distance to the work table. Thanks to its unique concept and its modularity, the machine ensures precise machining applications in both single item and fast, productive serial production.


Your precision center: 365 days a year

Get high material removal during roughing while achieving high precision on big, heavy parts and tightest tolerances after finishing.

Best surface finish on light or heavy parts

Make a great first impression and show off your overall capacity as a mold maker with the shiny surfaces this solution delivers to your high-value molds.

Highly flexible parts production

Get the flexible solution to help you master a wide range of parts production challenges: constantly changing part sizes, weights, batches and materials.

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365 days dynamic machining

With 1.7g acceleration and 36kW Step-Tec spindle power for parts up to 600/ 800 kg and ø707 / ø 800 mm.


250% higher productivity

Integrating limitless automation solutions from the back.


±2µm/24h process reliability

Thanks to thermo-stability Stiff and stabile gantry concept.


-98% downtime (from hours to minutes)

GF’s Industry 4.0 modules Spindle Protection (MSP) Live Remote Assistance (LRA).

Accurate parts achieved with dynamic performance


High dynamic and performant milling.
Complex 5 axis simultaneous milling.
Dedicated tool and cutting technology

High- performance cutting, high- dynamic cutting


HPC : high removal rate and hight tool wear.
HDC: increase removal rate and extend tool lifetime.
Optimize the process simply with new strategies


NAS 979 Challenge part


Achieve high precision on complex parts. Secure performance across all fives axes simultaneously.

Trustworthy performance and productivity


Maximize productivity and reduce cost. Deliver long-term precision and reduce maintenance. Maximize your uptime.




Mikron MILL P 500 U

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Mikron MILL P 800 U

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