Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Discover a new dimension of freedom of design, process optimization and higher productivity with GF Machining Solutions' advanced manufacturing solutions. Confidently explore new business opportunities, thanks to the increased performance allowed by Laser texturing, Additive Manufacturing and Laser micromachining.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Our market-oriented solutions


Aerospace industry

Aerospace trends push manufacturer to look for new solutions to reduce part weights to limit gas consumption. At the same time, the right quality across a stable manufacturing process and full traceability are must-haves. Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) today optimizes parts geometry and design for functionality to reduce weight and increases performance at a controlled cost per part—all while reducing product development time to serve fast changing markets.


Automotive industry

Trends in the automotive market indicate consumer demands for more personalization and quality at the right price. Be ready to tackle these challenges with Laser texturing. Our Microlution Laser platforms deliver precision microholes on new generations of fuel injectors that improve engines’ performance to help meet government emissions regulations and satisfy customers. Our AM systems allows to drastically reduce lead time manufacturing with less assembly steps.


Medical industry

Medicals trends drive demand for smaller implants and medical devices as well as emerging demand for micro parts. Trends are also pushing manufacturers to simplify their manufacturing processes to shorten lead time and improve quality. GF Machining Solutions offers a new class of high-precision Laser texturing, Additive Manufacturing and micromachining platforms to answer medical device manufacturers’ needs: higher productivity, better quality, improved design and compliance with stringent regulations.

Cosmetic and Packaging

Cosmetic and packaging industry

Laser texturing is your passport to a new era where the senses of sight and touch are combined. Make the most of it by applying distinctive surface textures to let your customers more fully experience your brand identity. In parallel, industry players need to deliver new products to the market while improving quality, limiting costs, reducing cycle time and improving time to market. Cycle time is a key factor and Additive Manufacturing brings new solutions to market players in terms of performance and quality.


Watches and luxury goods industry

Watchmakers have historically sought leading-edge techniques to improve their products’ perceived value. Watchmakers turn to Laser texturing and Laser engraving of watch elements to enhance highly technical “handmade” products and realize their innovative designs. In addition, our ultrafast Laser micromachining solutions allow you to produce micro parts at lower costs and with faster cycle times to increase your productivity.


ICT industry

Fulfill the needs of the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. Our years of experience in ICT and electronic components make us the reference for globally renowned brands. Don’t let manufacturing methods associated with miniaturization slow your creativity and productivity. As a substitute for chemical etching, Laser texturing offers you both greater possibilities and performance. Microlution boosts your micro part production with quality and precision.

Our identity


Innovation is our key driver. Extend your productivity, application possibilities and quality output with our latest innovations around esthetic graining and functional surface capabilities. Discover how our Laser texturing, production machine tools for Additive Manufacuring, and Microlution precision Laser cutting and drilling can position you for success right now.

Solution approach

Optimize your process and exceed your customers’ expectations, whatever your market segment or application with a solution adapted to your needs. Backed by our multi-technology expertise and deep application knowledge across a wide range of market segments, we can provide you the perfect combination of technologies drive your success.


Explore new product design possibilities and get superior technical support from the recognized market leader for mold and die solutions. Profit from advanced manufacturing technologies developed to drive efficient and outstanding performance in graining, Additive Manufacturing and micromachining.

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Add value to your applications and your operations with the intelligence, productivity and quality delivered by our multi-technology solutions. Your success is our chief motivator. Wherever you are, whatever your market segment and whatever the size of your operation, we have the complete solutions and the customer-centric commitment to accelerate your success—today.

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