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Whether your products are injection molds for medical consumables, artificial hips, or dental implants and superstructures, GF Machining Solutions is committed to bring offering you a differentiated solution, delivering long-term customer added value.

How to manufacture a spinal fusion plate?

Spinal fusion plates made of titanium require both high-precision and rough surfaces to allow bone integration. This device presents many challenges for manufacturers. GF Machining Solutions can provide a fully automated turn-key cell including Milling, wire-EDM and Laser texturing that guarantees high product quality, efficient 24/7 production and can generate a log file of all key production data. The complete system can be monitored using our rConnect software and hardware package, bringing Industry 4.0 capabilities to your factory.

With a full portfolio of Spindles we ensure best-in-class surface finishes and adherence to tolerance.

Medical applications

Mold tools

Large "64 cavity" mold tool

Cavity mold tool
Complex multi-cavity mold tools require both extreme tolerances and exceptional surface qualities if they are to perform to requirements. Our EDM systems can help customers improve quality and reduce scrap with eTracking, a state-of-the-art hardware and software that provides:
  • Real time monitoring of up to 50 critical to quality parameters every second
  • A storable device manufacturing history file
  • Verification of correct loading of wire and system settings

Textured mold cavity

Textured mold cavity

Whether for device functions such as channeling fluids in a diagnostic device or for product differentiation using logos or other features, the texturing of mold tools can present many challenges. GF Machining Solutions provides industry-leading Laser texturing and machining technology for:

  • Seamless continuity to textures across large surfaces
  • Micro-machining of channels and forms—depth controlled to 0.5 µm
  • 2D patterns to be transferred to complex 3D forms


Teeth on a disc

Seal slot

Whether for individual crowns or for more complex structures such as bridges, the custom machining of dental devices requires precision and high-speed Spindle technology. However, to be efficient, Automation is also a must. GF Machining Solutions offers producers of dental implants and superstructures Automated production solutions that include:

  • Five-axis Milling with industry-leading Step-Tec 42k rpm Spindles
  • RFI chip-enabled pallet system for a positioning accuracy within microns
  • Automated loading and unloading of raw materials to be processed
  • Job scheduling function within WorkShopManager with possibility to connect to customers' ERP

Implant screws


Creating a rough surface for osseo-integration traditionally required the use of sand-blasting and/or acid etching.  With GF Machining Solutions proven technology of laser blasting, manufacturers can:

  • Avoid masking and other secondary operations
  • Eliminate the cost for the use and disposal of consumables such as sand/grit, acid, and cleaning fluids
  • Ensure a repeatable surface quality thanks to a fully digital process


3D-printed hip cup

3D Printed hip cup

Additive manufacturing has opened the door to new design capabilities and allows manufacturers to make use of innovative structures. In the field of implants, trabecular titanium structures duplicating the behavior of natural bone have become the technology of choice. Together with 3D Systems, GF Machining Solutions has developed two lines of machines offering a true turnkey approach in Direct Metal Printing : the Factory line and the Flex line. The DMP Factory 500 offers:

  • An Automation- ready solution that is capable of 24/7 operation
  • A build volume of 500 x 500 x 500 mm for large batches of products
  • Industry- leading end product quality (lowest oxygen levels)
  • A full portfolio of materials including three grades of titanium, NiCr - and others
  • World class device design software through 3DXpert®

Textured hip joint

Textured hip joint

Hip, shoulder and knee implants are complex devices that have many critical features. Manufacturers face many challenges in order to balance the product's functional requirements, cost and risk. By using our Laser texturing solutions, customers can:

  • Have multiple different textures on the same device in a single set-up, no masking required
  • Create special surfaces, potentially with anti-bacterial properties
  • Integrate UDI and anti-counterfeiting measures in the same setup as texturing


Arthroscopic clamp

Arthroscopic clamp

Instruments such as clamps for arthroscopic surgery have a variety of critical surfaces that must meet tolerance requirements to function correctly. By using GF Machining Solutions CUT P series, manufacturers can achieve stunning results with industry-leading efficiency. Some of the advantages this system can provide include:

  • Latest generation digital IPG spark generator providing faster cutting speeds with excellent surface finish
  • Fully integrated collision avoidance technology
  • Easy-to-learn and easy-to-program, operator-friendly HMI

Ablation catheter

blation catheter

Catheter marker bands are used in many applications. Usually made from precious metals to be radio opaque and non-toxic, these bands can be exceptionally thin and require intricate cut-outs. By using GF Machining Solutions' Microlution MLTC Laser machining technology, customers benefit from:

  • Faster lead-times and greater flexibility, as Laser- based machining means even the most complex designs can be made with a single set-up
  • A specially designed Spindle clamp allows even the most delicate of tubes to be clamped safely
  • Lower operating costs as there are no consumables and no need for complex Tooling for new product designs



Technological differentiation

Mikron Mill centers provide a high performance ratio to keep your operation running at full speed. Our expertise in five-axis Milling helps you to reduce set-up and lead-time as well as part cost and is supported by our in-house Step-Tec Spindle manufacturing and technical expertise. Our compact Milling machines allow you to manufacture injection molds, orthopedic implants, surgical instruments and dental superstructures efficiently even while using high-strength materials.

3D Laser Texturing

Reduce risk with a fully digital process

Our Laser texturing solutions allows customers to replace grit blasting and acid etching with a clean, digital process that is fully repeatable. With easy-to-use software and unbeatable performance, our customers can map their own textures and structures onto complex 3D surfaces—or use our standard patterns to create the surface characteristics needed to take device functionality to the next level.

Additive Manufacturing

From the research lab to the factory floor

Together with 3D Systems, GF Machining Solutions helps bringing Additive Manufacturing technology from the research lab to the factory floor. Our two families of Laser-based Direct Metal Printing machines—the Factory line and the Flex line—bring a true turnkey approach that includes direct metal 3D printing, powder management, market leading software, and a wide range of raw materials—all supported by technical experts that help take your project from concept to reality.

Tooling and Automation

Reduce setup time

With our own System 3R Automation and Tooling solutions, we provide the medical device manufacturers with increased process control, greater efficiency and faster time to market. GF Machining Solutions is the go-to partner for your Automation needs.

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