Customized Spindles

Our Spindles have outstanding characteristics but what good are they if they don’t correspond to the required interface? That’s why Step-Tec engineers collaborate with you to develop the solutions adapted to your needs.


Using the latest failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) software applications as well thermal simulation and vibration analyses, we come to the table ready to support you.

Our standard risk assessment includes keeping your cost under control. Before we pursue a customized solution, we first analyze if whether one of our standard solutions—from our range of more than 100 Spindles—fits to your needs.

If it’s clear that you need a never-before-attempted solution, you can rely to our long-term experience. That’s why we can ensure that, after the first test, practically every Spindle runs according to your specifications.

Our focus:

  • Best fit between the Spindle and the machine’s interface
  • Minimum thermal influence of the Spindle on the machine
  • Best Spindle performance due to intense pre-analysis of thermal behavior, dynamic behavior (vibrations, resonances) and rigidity within the machine interface.

From diameters  of 90 mm up to 320 mm, you can count on our staff of experienced engineers and designers.

Step-Tec gets you positioned for Industry 4.0


With the advent of Industry 4.0, real-time Spindle diagnosis becomes more and more important.

Step-Tec is a Spindle surveillance sensor system development pioneer in spindle surveillance sensor system development. Our integrated monitoring unit known as the Spindle Diagnosis Module (SDM20) is similar to an airplane’s black box. As an integrated data logger, it collects various relevant process data along with Spindle status information. The collected data is made available in digital format via an RS485 or PROFIBUS© interface. 


Step-Tec offers a unique graphical software front end known as Spindle Diagnostic Software. This tool provides access to all Spindle data such as:

  • Number of operating hours
  • Number of tool changes and state of the clamping system
  • Temperatures (e.g., bearings, motor winding)
  • Acceleration readings (vibrations) in three planes
  • Crash events (with date and time when linked to PROFIBUS©
  • Spindle speed and logging of operating periods
  • Date and time of commissioning (entries made by the machine manufacturer)
  • Spindle-specific data (entry done by Step-Tec)
  • The integrated data logger function supports the operator for application optimization during the milling process and helps to maximize Spindle/machine lifetime.

That’s why—in a very cost-sensitive environment—we continue developing extremely durable products.  Thanks to the integration of the latest technologies in sensors, data management and high- efficiency motors, you can be assured that with Step-Tec you are always a step ahead.

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