rConnect, open up new digital service possibilities


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Open up new digital service possibilities for your GF Machining Solutions machines with our rConnect platform

Choose an open and evolving solution

rConnect today is one of the most comprehensive platforms on the market. It simplifies your life and ensures your ease of use and security. rConnect brings smart manufacturing to your workshop.

Modern and secure technology

Our innovative applications make machine intelligence constantly available to ensure that your workshop operates to its full potential at all times. Count on a secure connection based on the latest technology—certified by TÜViT.


One platform, several digital services

As the true conductor of your plant, rConnect oversees your
GF Machining Solutions machines.

Monitor your machines from your tablet or laptop computer

With rConnect Live Remote Assistance

Rely on our expert engineers to rapidly respond to your service requests. Our solution connects you to our experts for remote assistance in real time.

  • More uptime for your machines and increased efficiency
  • Access your facility from anywhere at any time
  • Access to your machine's human-machine interface (HMI) and computer-numerical control (CNC) remotely
  • Fast face-to-face assistance directly on your PC or tablet
  • Ready-to-use features including audio, video, chat, whiteboard, file transfer and screen sharing 
  • Full traceability (tracking recorder log files)

Messenger puts your workshop in the palm of your hand

rConnect Messenger

Gain insight into the efficiency of your workshop by continually monitoring your machines. Our solution delivers machine data to your mobile device to keep you constantly informed about your production.

Combined with Live Remote Assistance (LRA), Messenger is an indispensable app for daily business activities and connects you closely with your workshop.

Enjoy an intuitive interface

From the home screen, you see at a glance the status of all connected machines. You can supervise your workshop from your smartphone.

Peace of mind through Messenger:

  • Always stay informed, wherever you are
  • Monitor machining progress from your smartphone
  • One app for all GF Machining Solutions technologies
  • Send a support request from anywhere, anytime

Combine your LRA license with a free trial of the Messenger* app. Experience it first-hand!

* Please contact us or fill in the form to check if you are eligible for the free trial. 

Secure connection


Safely experience your connected machine: reliability and quality of the rConnect ecosystem

Certification by the independent organization TÜViT guarantees an optimal level of security of the server on which GF Machining Solutions data is hosted and stored. An encrypted, point-to-point connection certified by TÜViT guarantees the security of your sensitive data.

  • Fast support on a secure channel
  • TÜViT certification 2017 re-audited
  • Connection on demand
  • Outgoing SSL-encrypted connection to ensure your full protection
  • Instant virtual private network (VPN)
  • Ensure a better traceability with log files
  • Server infrastructure owned by GF Machining Solutions

Entrust your machine connection project to us! GF Machining Solutions supports you in your project:

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