Drive innovation with functional surfaces on medical implants

Do you wonder how to make your distinctive mark in medical device manufacturing? 3D Laser texturing replaces the traditional sandblasting and/or chemical etching processes and the manual operations with a fully digital process. The results are a better implant's surface quality and lower manufacturing costs.

Laser Texturing on medical implants

When it comes to texturing titanium implants’ surfaces to improve osseo-integration or, as research seems to indicate, anti-bacterial properties, we can substitute the traditional manufacturing process and its  manual operations (sandblasting and/or chemical etching) with a fully digital process. This Laser texturing process improves the part’s surface quality while allowing you to reduce your production costs and the contamination risks (Technical article).

New LASER S: a major step forward in Laser texturing

It improves precision, quality and efficiency thanks to its high positioning accuracy. With intelligent optics and our latest-generation software, the LASER S series' dynamic Z-axis corrects the vertical position of the Laser focal point with lightning speed, improving the control over your texturing process and reducing your machining time by as much as 50%. The LASER S takes your ability to process medical parts to the next level.


Laser texturing on orthopedic implants : Limitless texture design possibilities

Drive innovation with distinctive functional surfaces—and stay ahead of the competition

Today more than ever, it is necessary to differentiate oneself from the competition. You can achieve this goal by driving innovation. Choose our Laser texturing solution and you will be able to make your medical product distinctive and unique.

Innovative laser blasting

Enter a new dimension

Today you can create new textures on implants surface to give them specific properties and increase both part quality and patient safety.  The execution of these textures is still most often outsourced and achieved by combining different surface treatment technologies, such as coating.

3D Laser texturing is a fully digital technology which will not only surpass your present requirements but also drive you into a new dimension: with your imagination as the only limit, 3D Laser texturing gives you total freedom of design, flexibility and repeatability. You are  empowered and can drive innovation, as you want, for the benefit of your clients.

Identifiable device to overcome counterfeiting

Embed production data for traceability or anti-counterfeiting features to make your device uniquely identifiable

Take your product design to the next level by executing your own textured designs in-house. And—with the same technology—protect your distinctly textured device from counterfeiting by applying uniquely identifying marks or series of numbers on each part you produce.

Optimize your manufacturing process and experience greater success with Laser texturing

Laser technology from GF Machining Solutions provides an innovative alternative for texturing, engraving and marking operations in a single setup. It can improve product quality, reduce risk, and reduce your production costs—all while simplifying your process.

Innovative laser blasting

Save time with one single setup

Our fully digital, zero-tool-wear Laser texturing solutions are a step forward and several steps less compared to traditional grit blasting and acid etching.

Our Laser texturing technology requires no cutting tools, electrodes or manual processes, such as masking, cleaning and inspection. You finish your operation in one single setup, even if you want to combine texturing and marking; you then save time, align your process with lean manufacturing and can provide faster lead times to your customers. You can finally achieve the perfect repeatability crucial in your market.

With the nano- and femtosecond Laser solutions available in the LASER P 400, you have the perfect tool to outpace your competition by delivering the right quality with a stable, optimized manufacturing process.  

Laser sparks

Reduce contamination risks

Considering the by-essence “ non-contaminating” nature of light, research demonstrates that the chemical composition of the surface can remain unaltered if the laser ablation occurs in a neutral atmosphere (Nitrogen or Argon).

More obviously, Laser technology also helps to reduce the contamination risks by making manual operations obsolete and excluding the potential for chemical contamination from grit blasting and/or acid etching. You avoid the contamination risks - and costs- associated with part handling, secondary cleaning operations and the use of consumables (blasting material, acids, cleaning agents and other chemical products).

And you suddenly are, very simply, closer to compliance with the new EU regulation REACH related to the use of chemicals.

Digital process for unlimited design flexibility, dedicated textures

The surface of your device is enhanced by a fully digital process, so you achieve uncompromised part quality as well as perfect repeatability - without design limits.

Different textures for specific functions

Unlimited design flexibility: Create products with many different textures, each targeted to perform a specific function

Research has shown that erratic textures improve osseointegration while geometrical textures tend to have antibacterial properties. With our Laser texturing solution, you can create many distinctive surface textures following any design you create— on complex 3D surfaces.  Even implement different textures on a single device with unequaled precision.

The Laser texturing process starts with a digital bitmap/grayscale file created in-house—or from a natural surface by reverse engineering via 3D scanner. Our software eliminates the guesswork, so you achieve the exact results that your design requires.

Perfect repeatability on different implants

Achieve perfect repeatability and texture continuity

With a digital process it becomes easy to control texture continuity between two parts: Laser texturing ensures repeatable textures on every product made, with no deviation from your design in terms of quality.

Using a digital process that minimizes both operator intervention and secondary processes such as cleaning reduces risk and non-quality costs. Experience the game-changing advantage of a digital technology: stable quality throughout your production.

Texturing : How it works

Since the 1980s it has been clearly proven that textured titanium surfaces ensure better osseointegration than smooth “as machined” surfaces.  New technologies to create these textures offer options to device designers and manufacturers…

Grit blasted titanium

Grit/sand blasting

Manufacturers have used various techniques to produce functional surfaces; with acid etching alone or in combination with grit blasting as the dominant method. But both are “dirty” processes, requiring masking of the part to protect areas that are not to be treated and leaving behind particulate and chemicals residue that necessitate post-treatment cleaning operations. More recently, designers have adopted laser blasting due to its many advantages over the older techniques.

Power graph

Laser texturing: why and how

Laser texturing works because high-energy laser light interacts with metal’s surface, causing either ionization of small amounts of the surface, or both ionization and melting, depending on the laser type used. Laser blasting can create a surface with a repeatable structure allowing for osseointegration or vascularization, and can even impart antibacterial properties due to hydrophobic effects. Nanosecond lasers cause both melting and ionization of the material and therefore leave a heat-affected zone (HAZ), while Femtosecond laser directly ionizes the material, which results in a minimal HAZ and no burr at all: this Femtosecond laser high-efficiency result is also called “cold ablation”.

Femto texturing

Geometrical versus random

Using GF Machining Solutions’ Laser texturing technology, device designers can integrate various types of textures onto a single surface – and incorporate anti-counterfeiting features into the texture—with one single part setup. Our Laser P 400 U can be equipped with Lasers that work in pulse durations of nanoseconds, femtoseconds, or a combination of both, providing unbeatable flexibility. Designers can create surfaces that bring your patients unmatched functionality—with digital repeatability and effortless quality.

PRODUCT : AgieCharmilles Laser P 400

3 Parts textured screw

Software is the key to quality

With GF Machining Solutions Laser texturing machines comes a complete suite of our own dedicated Laser texturing software that transfers your two-dimensional pattern onto a 3D surface with industry-leading accuracy, especially on curved surfaces. Unique Laser blasting capabilities are made possible on your five-axis surfaces thanks to LaserDesignTM - part of our suite of programs developed to ensure successful implementation of your Laser solution. Work with our application experts to bring your ideas to life. No one does it better.

ARTICLE - Textured titanium implants

Laser texturing on dental implants : Limitless texture design possibilities

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