With 100,000th installed machine, GF Machining Solutions achieves new landmark in its long history

8.7.2015 7:00

GF Machining Solutions’ global installed machine base hit 100,000 in June. The milestone further confirms the solution provider’s commitment to delivering the value its customers have come to expect.

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With a complete portfolio of Milling, electrical discharge machining (EDM), Laser, Spindle, Automation, Tooling and software solutions and the world’s most comprehensive Customer Services offering, the Division GF Machining Solutions of Georg Fischer continues building on a long legacy of customer-centric innovation.

That legacy reaches far back into history, and includes Mikron AG’s introduction of the first rounding up tool for fine wheels in 1910, Charmilles’ development of the world’s first industrial electrical discharge machine (EDM) in 1954 and—the same year—Agie’s development of the AGIETRON AZ4 with pneumatic servo drive for the Z axis.


Legacy of innovation continues

GF Machining Solutions’ tradition of innovation has continued, with the introduction of over 900 machine types and a staggering range of firsts in the machine tool industry: the first universal Milling center, the first numerical control wire EDM machine, the first automatic wire-threading solution, the first Milling machines with a direct drive on all axes in 1982, the first Milling machine line with an automatic tool changer and fully enclosed work area to protect the user, the first standardized computer numerical control for wire and die-sinking EDM, the first true high-speed machining center, the first robot integrated on a die-sinking EDM machine, iQ technology for lowest electrode wear, and the world’s largest and most affordable Laser texturing solution.

Today, GF Machining Solutions’ installed base includes 65,000 machines in Market Region Europe, 20,000 in Market Region Americas, and 15,000 in Market Region Asia. The GF Division’s biggest market is Germany, followed by the United States, Switzerland and China.


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