WorkPartner 1+

WORKPARTNER 1+ is a compact solution to increase productivity of a machine tool. It can load 1 or 2 machines and up to 4 Chucks.
A mix of different Workpiece dimensions as well as different tooling systems in one Robot is standard.

WorkPartner 1+

System 3R Robot - GF AgieCharmilles Die Sinker

WorkPartner 1+ offers maximum magazine capacity in using minimum floor space. The modular magazines give an large flexibility that can be adapted to each user’s needs.
Starting with a single magazine, a second can be added whenever required.

WorkPartner 1+ is ideal for Milling machines, Die-sinking and Wire EDM machines.

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Key Points

  • Can be added to most machines and technologies
  • Transport weight 50 kg, optional 80 kg
  • Usable with Tooling from System 3R or Erowa
  • Smallest Footprint
  • Can serve one or two machines in a production cell
  • One, two or three magazine capability gives exceptionally flexible capacity
  • Plug and Play solution


• Transfer weight: pallet with workpieces, 50 kg (80 kg as option).

• X, Z and C axes: AC servomotor.

• Stroke length, X axis: 1,254 mm.

• Stroke length, Y axis: 1,500 mm.

• Rotation, C axis: 330°.

• Required air pressure: 6 bars ± 1 bar, 150 litres/minute.

• Required power supply: single-phase, 180 – 240 V AC, 15 A at 180 V AC, 20 A at 230 V AC.

• Required floor space: 1,730 x 1,290 x 2,460 mm (but affected by increased magazine capacity).

• Interface: serial RS-232.

• Double emergency stop.


- Loading station.

- Draining station.

- ID system with automatic scanning.

- Cell PC with CellManager  software.



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