System 3R Transformer

GF Machining Solutions’ System 3R TRANSFORMER Automation is engineered to grow in line with your business needs and—ultimately—ensure a greater return on your capital equipment investment.

Transform your business


The TRANSFORMER Automation system handles workpieces and/or electrodes that are mounted on pallets (i.e., based on a reference system, more commonly known as tooling).

System 3R offers a wide range of tooling systems that provide solutions to palletize workpieces from small to large, or in combination of different systems in the same Automation cell by using chuck adapters. In addition, the TRANSFORMER can handle different tooling systems, so it can be configured even if you already have a tooling system in place in your workshop. Customer-specific solutions are a key ingredient of the TRANSFORMER system.

Achieve greater return on your investment !

  • Scalable Automation solutions for various types of machines from a multitude of machine tool manufacturers.
  • Whatever the Automation requirement, the Transformer can be tailored to serve your needs : customer-specific solutions.
  • Modern design and smart technical solutions using standardized modules allow for cost-effective yet flexible Automation.
  • User-friendly cell management software: complex Automation made easy !
  • Everything from your single source supplier : GF Machining Solutions
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Download the specifications

Download the specifications


Example layout Transformer / Sinker EDM

System 3R & GF AgieCharmilles Automation

Example layout Transformer / Linear Mold-Cell


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