Wire Cut EDM

In Wire cut EDM GF Machining Solutions Tooling's covers all needs of clamping workpieces of any dimension collision-free in the working area.

Automation Tooling Wire-cutting EDM

The benefit of using tooling is to hold the workpiece with free access for the wire over most of its surface. Also to pre-install jobs outside of the machine, as example on a CMM as well as to have easy adjustment of XYZC via Levelling head. For heavy workpieces, GF Machining Solutions offers Ruler-Systems adapted to each size of machine.
Further the range of product has been completed by Frames, which allows to prepare workload outside of the machines and covering the full working area of the machine.

The Tooling is prepared to be handled in an automated way.

Automation Tooling Wire-cutting EDM

ICS Zeroline System

Automation Tooling Wire-cutting EDM

WEDM Zeroline Reference elements



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