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GF Machining Solutions offers automotive manufacturers the superior performance, flexibility, and reliability essential to the production of complex parts as well as the manufacturing of plastic molds, castings, forging dies, and other precision tooling.

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Whether your products are tire molds, lighting modules or car connectors, GF Machining Solutions is committed to offering you a differentiated solution, delivering long-term customer- added -value.

How to machine Ureol master molds and Aluminum segment molds?

GF Machining Solutions proposes optimized and complete solutions for each tire mold application. System 3R tooling made to extend modularity and connection between processes and dedicated Customer services packages complete our offer.

Overview of our main automotive applications

Tire module applications

Master mold

Master Mold

GF Machining Solutions has decades of experience in Ureol master molds machining with a secured process, bringing flexibility and reliability during the whole product's life cycle.

  • Dedicated machine with unique dust handling solution
  • Smooth jerks during simultaneous movement in five-axis at higher accelerations
  • Stand-alone to pallet magazine, autonomous unattended production to reach I4.0 levels
  • State-of-the-art Step-Tec Spindle supports from roughing to final finishing
  • Complete machining includes sipes machining with small end mill of Ø 0.2mm and up to 1.6mm deep.

Direct engraving—aluminum segment mold

Fir-tree disk

Tire OEMs and mold makers are moving towards direct engraving molds due to stringent tire standards requiring stringent rolling resistance, reduced noise, effective braking and, most importantly, to pave the way for reduced emissions and better mileage.

  • Critical processes like gas holes and sipes
  • Uniquely tuned OSS Extreme helps achieve faster cycle time and Quality
  • Longer tools lengths with lower tool overhang that allows an easy approach to critical areas
  • System 3R clamping system, one-minute set-up, simple to manage and provides long-term reliability and repeatability
  • Effective chip handling and perfect thermal balancing for secured   processes that runs 24/7

Side walls

Side wall

Tire OEMs and mold makersneed to achieve distinctive and contrasted branding and the side wall is the perfect place for that. Traditional processes currently are too limited to manage production targets and match design features. Come and explore why tire supply chains are moving towards GF Machining Solutions' Laser technology which includes complete pre-processing by Milling.

  • One process that covers engraving, texturing,
  • Design freedom, open up new possibilities
  • Manufacture with a reliable and stable process,
  • Easy replication of processes and output at every location across continents
  • Milling adds the additional advantage for mold makers to achieve faster time-to-market
  • Explore proven and secure processes covering simultaneous Milling and turning and milling special grooves and gas holes followed by a Laser process.
  • Achieve faster time-to-market to stay competitive

TBR and winter tires

TBR &  Winter Tires

Car winter tires and truck and bus radials have unique geometry and corner radius. They are mostly made of steel alloys, making it a challenge for mold makers to have stable, reliable processes with fast cycle times.

  • Small diameter with corner radius below 0.5mm becomes more critical in mold shop’s for a stable process on steel materials.
  • GF Machining Solutions offers solutions with graphite milling followed by die-sinking EDM for a reliable, smooth and stable process.
  • Flexibility to link graphite Milling with EDM for autonomous and secured process
  • Take away the hassles of operator’s time, schedule management
  • A lean automated cell to link Milling and EDM technologies with CMM measurement and cleaning, for a full autonomy.
  • Digital generators in EDM product lines ensures close to zero wear
  • Easy and simple HMI, simplifies processes in EDM

Lighting Modules

Side mirror

Side mirror

Exterior lighting gives a clear branding image to the car. In addition, OEMs and ODMs need to comply with the standard safety requirements for safe driving. The product lifecycles are as short as six weeks and require a flexible manufacturing processes and machine technologies to support advanced design features.

  • Complete stand-alone mold process, using reliable Tooling for a secured process
  • Linking process and technologies with reliable Tooling to support the entire life cycle thanks to our proven System 3R solutions
  • Solutions ranging from stand-alones to connected machines, from Additive Manufacturing to Milling, Wire EDM, Die-Sinking EDM and Laser texturing.
  • Quick one-minute setup to link technologies and processes
  • Solutions for functional surfaces and improved ejection of plastics
  • Exclusive Customer Services solutions to achieve low downtime and low inventories to stay competitive

Lens body mold

Lens Body Mold

The headlights are like the human eye for the car, having various shapes, sizes and features. Here again, it is the shape and appearance that support branding in addition to ensuring the driver's safety. The fast changing designs and advanced features to support to the change to autonomous driving requires a flexible and reliable partner.

  • Handle heavy cutting to fine finishing with a balanced Spindle technology
  • Thermally stabilized machines, flexible and agile.
  • Laser technology helps to achieve faster time-to-market Faster to market
  • Laser blasting, texturing and engraving in one process
  • Optimized to reduce number of Tooling and inserts
  • Solution helps to reach designer's goal and offers full freedom in design.
  • System 3R Tooling with high accuracy ensures an effective production and increases machine utilization.
  • Opens up new design possibilities and increase branding and safety standards



Lens of headlights are critical in terms of enhancing the lighting illumination to provide effective luminance but also ensure, anti-glare properties, and enable drivers drive safely during day and night. The lens transmits and retracts light, thereby converging or diverging the beam.

  • High precision System 3R matrix nano, VDP (Vibration damped palletization) Tooling helps reach micron-level accuracy.
  • Step-Tec Spindle with unique ITM (Intelligent Tool Management) ensures secure processes and highly accurate results
  • Polymer concrete machine body absorbs vibrations
  • In-house designed rotary table with cooling for a stable process
  • OSS Extreme tuned for smooth jerks and faster cycle times, while keeping quality and reliability stable.



Interior and exterior car lights have different shapes, size and functions with reflectors to enhance light properties. This includes light diffusion to enable a quick response and provide effective safety measures.

  • Unique Tooling to move from process to process and technology to technology with ease
  • Long lead cycle times require a thermo-stabilisation system
  • Variations of ± 2 Microns only on each axis over a machining cycle time of 30-hours
  • Flexibility and agility is achieved by using a quick-change Tooling solution
  • System 3R Automation with stable and long lead accuracy provides additional autonomy

Rear lights

Rear light

The rear reflectors are a way to ensure design style and to enable highest safety levels as well as differentiate using branding. This opens wide design possibilities and to in corporate solutions to support self driving to autonomous hands- andeyes-off driving.

  • Apply 2D, 3D textures and sharp corners to produce unique reflectors 
  • Adhere to high safety standards with low use of LEDs and a short response time.
  • Open up wide possibilities for R&D 
  • Open up possibilities to reduce the number of tools while keeping the quality
  • Green laser produce beam size of 0.01 Microns and able to machine all type of materials.
  • Achieve faster time-to-market with confidence and stay competitive

Interior and Safety

Interior—central console

Interior - central Console

The central console constitutes the panel that helps driver and passenger navigate the car easily. Premium cars have unique features of functional surfaces such as high and low gloss, anti-scratch  or hydrophobic properties. These functions are often also found in middle-class sedans as well as in cruise controls and semi-automatic functions. and is also design requirements as features of Cruise control & semi autonomous functions going as a standard requirement.

  • Apply functional surfaces and perfect injection quality
  • Realize design requirements with ease (“ART on Part digital technology”)
  • Open up wide possibilities for R&D
  • Open up possibilities to reduce the number of tools while keeping the quality
  • Perfect high gloss/low gloss final products with ease
  • Achieve faster time to market with confidence and stay competitive



Airbags are one of the key safety measures in the automotive industry. Safety has been a key pillar in today's advancing new technologies, protecting both driver and passengers, and a good performance during under crash tests gives car OEMs a high branding and market value. The response time and the pressure sensors are key to activating airbag in case of emergencies.

  • One-stop complete process solution
  • Texturing for functional surfaces to advance capabilities
  • Connect processes with ease, increases flexibility
  • EDM processes to machine thin ribs for special functional designs
  • Step-Tec Spindle to add safety to the secured process.
  • Thermally stable Milling solutions enable roughing and fine finishing to ensure perfect geometries
  • Stand-alone machines that can be easily connected and automated

Steering wheel

Steering wheel

Steering wheels' now commonly features functional surface and sensors to record driver body condition to ensure highest safety. Combining technologies such as Milling, EDM and Laser texturing make it easy to produce a complete mold within short time while adhering to highest quality standards.

  • One-stop complete process solution
  • Mikron Mill solutions for medium and large molds
  • Step-Tec Spindles for secured processes
  • Rigid base to withstand heavy cutting  forces
  • Thermosymmetrical construction for long lead cycle times, keeps ambient temperature in control
  • Texturing for functional surfaces to advance capabilities
  • Digital generators in EDM product lines ensures close to zero wear, highest surfaces finish.
  • Easy and simple HMI, simplify operating process in EDM




Hybrid technology combination with ICE Plus Battery system is widely used by car OEMs to answer to the stringent emission and mileage norms. The turbocharger technology gives credit to this achievement. There are cars with two or three turbochargers made from a wide variety of metals with complete machine compressor wheels to ensure ultimate balance for increased efficiencies.

  • Achieve highest cycle times for machining compressor wheels with perfectly tuned five-axis machines
  • Modular System 3R Tooling having highest reliability, providing flexibility
  • Connect machines and pre- and post-processes with flexible Automation lines
  • Completely designed Customer Services package ensures post-process uptime and cost
  • Step-Tec Spindle adds safety to ensure secure processes.
  • Reduce balancing requirement on post-process with highest reliability and repeatability
  • Dedicated machines and solutions package

Fuel nozzle injection

Fuel nozzle injection

Injection nozzles in gasoline engines are controlled by algorithms for better engine efficiency based on speed conditions and to keep fuel consumption at the best levels. The holes, which are close to the diameter of a human hair, have to be controlled within a micron level. Latest Euro standards are reverse tapered holes and need dedicated solutions to make them feasible.

  • Dedicated micromachining solution for automated, unattended processes
  • Laser technology with zero HAZ (Heat Affected Zone)
  • Connect pre- and post-processes with in-line measuring for continuous unattended autonomous production lines
  • Compact layout, reduced power, reduced and inventory costs
  • No cutting tools, frees up resources needed in conventional machining methods
  • Reduction of fuel consumption at petrol station by 15% - with Injection nozzles produced with Microlution Femto Laser machines

Hybrid and EV modules

Crank shaft

Crank shaft

Hybrid technology in combination with an ICE Plus battery system is widely used by car OEMs to answer to the stringent emission and mileage norms. Crankshafts are produced with forging dies on hard materials need Spindles that can take heavy cutting as well as fine finishes.

  • Mikron Mill solutions for medium and large molds
  • Step-Tec Spindles for secured processes
  • Chip management ensures un-interrupted operations
  • Easy access for loading and unloading, reduces setup time
  • Rigid base to withstand heavy cutting forces
  • Thermosymmetrical construction for long lead cycle times, keeps ambient temperature in control

Electrical and electronic system modules



The connectors play a major role to connect car functions and controls with various sensors. Today, more and more connectors are sealed to for better protection and are becoming smaller in size. This means the seals require sharp corners and a perfect fit to ensure long lifecycles. New functions such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) or full autonomous cars will require more connectors and a quick data transfer.

  • Digital generators in EDM product lines ensure close to zero wear, highest surface finish
  • Easy and simple HMI, simplify operating processes in EDM
  • Connect pre- and post-process, with in-line measuring for continuous, unattended, autonomous production lines
  • GF Machining Solutions products enable graphite Milling followed by die-sinking EDM for reliable, smooth and stable processes
  • Flexibility to link graphite Milling with EDM to ensure autonomous and secured process
  • A lean automated cell to link Milling and EDM technologies with CMM measurement and cleaning, for a full autonomy.
  • Wire-EDM process for sharp corners and highest precision, repeatability and reproducibility
  • Dedicated solutions for high volumes and flexible production lines


Laser texturing for automotive interiors


GF Machining Solutions' Laser texturing technology—fully digital, highly precise and ecologically sound—is a proven solution for adding distinct textures to large-size 3D molds for car interiors. Designers can create the textures they want and add value to drivers' and passengers' sensual experience and comfort.

  • Fully digital and repeatable process
  • Total freedom of design
  • Texturing, engraving and marking operations in a single setup



Optimal process stability

Pioneering the world of five-axis Milling with Mikron Mill platforms, GF Machining Solutions is committed to increasing the productivity of automotive manufacturers, thanks to high-speed and high-performance solutions, our dynamic Step-Tec Spindles, our application-centric smart machine modules and the agility resulting from our System 3R Tooling and Automation solutions.


Pushing the boundaries

GF Machining Solutions latest-generation EDM technologies and onboard machining strategies boost machining speed while maintaining surface integrity, leaving no visible recast layer.

Laser Texturing

3D Laser Texturing

GF Machining Solutions' fully digitized Laser solutions accurately texture, engrave, microstructure, mark and label 2D and complex 3D geometries. They enable the creation of a variety of innovative textures on molded automotive interior components—with no limits.

Additive Manufacturing

From the research lab to the factory floor

Together with 3D Systems, GF Machining Solutions helps bringing Additive Manufacturing technology from the research lab to the factory floor. Our two families of Laser-based Direct Metal Printing machines—the Factory line and the Flex line—offer clever engineering solutions and help the manufacturers of automotive components to build consistent and higher quality parts, even of large size.


Tooling and Automation

With our own System 3R Automation and Tooling solutions, we provide the medical device manufacturers with increased process control, greater efficiency and faster time to market. GF Machining Solutions is the go-to partner for your Automation needs.

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