About Liechti

With a history going back to 1865, Liechti for the past three decades has specialized in single- and multi-spindle Milling machines for high-speed airfoil machining. Liechti is focusing on solutions for turbine components in the aerospace and power generation industry. In these markets Liechti in known as the expert for full turnkey solutions including dedicated machines, software, process engineering, tooling for airfoils. 120 high skilled, project-oriented employees based in Langnau, Switzerland helping to fulfil the market requirements and be always on the top level of technology. After four generation of family owned company Liechti join the Georg Fischer AG in 2014 and is part of the division GF Machining Solutions.


The Liechti Engineering company is today considered a worldwide market leader in the aircraft engine and energy generation sectors with regard to production solutions for precision flow profiles.

2014 after 4 generation of family owned company, Liechti became part of GF machining solutions.

2008 the first Turbomill with g-technology was presented. With the commissioning of the Turbomill g the family company again demonstrated its innovative ability.

2002 -as a response to market developments - the g-Mill 550 came on the market. The range of application was thereby enormously extended and productivity further increased.

1997 the Turboblisk was a further milestone in the success story of the company. The unique machine concept is based on highly dynamic 5- and 6-axis machining. Here, too, as always at the Liechti Engineering company, emphasis was placed on increasing production efficiency.

1994 saw the application of the Turbomill - the first 5-axis milling machining centre for turbine components of medium construction size. A success story, since the Turbomill has now been produced in very large numbers.

1987 launch of Turbosoft plus specific CAM programming software for blades.

1983 followed specialisation on single and multi-spindle milling machines for application for HSC machining of complex curved surfaces, such as turbine blades and impellers.

1865 established in the Swiss town of Langnau im Emmental, the family business concentrated fully on this objective.

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