Field Service

If you have technical problems with one of your spindles, do not hesitate to ask and call our hotline. We advise you in a timely and professional manner tailored to your specific needs.


Our very experienced spindle specialists can be reached daily by our service hotline. Passion for solutions stands for fast problem elimination and is the basis of trusting cooperation.

The on-site support for first / initial commissioning, diagnosis, troubleshooting and / or other technical problems can be requested by phone. We are convinced we can offer you the perfect solution.

See the telephone number below (Service Hotline): +41 32 681 7575

  • We are specialized in high end vibration measuring such as FFT/Frequency analysis, BCU/bearing condition analysis, module analysis and balancing analysis). As a result, spindle states can be evaluated exactly.
  • Thanks to our experience and diagnostic measurements, we can advise you on preventive exchange of key components.
  • This also means that we can offer you a customized solution.

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