The key to become a global and successful leader in spindle technology is the willing of share and transfer our specific spindle knowledge to our Sales Cos, machine manufacturers and end users.

Therefore and to guarantee you the highest possible availability of STEP-TEC spindles / products we offer a wide range of workshops that bring your enterprise one STEP further ahead of your competitors.

Beside customized training programs we also offer the following basic workshops:


  • Installation
  • Measurements
  • Test- Run


  • Sensor System
  • Mechanical components
  • Periphery


  • Media control
  • Air processing
  • Clamping set
  • COOL-Core


  • SDS Field Diagnosis



Spindle Diagnostic Software SDS

Regarding the upcoming industry 4.0 the topic of real time spindle diagnosis becomes more and more important.

STEP-TEC - a pioneer in spindle surveillance system development - offers also a various number of motor spindles with an integrated monitoring unit known as the Spindle Diagnosis Module SDM20 which is similar to an airplanes black-box.

This module allows collecting a variety of relevant process parameters along with spindle status information and is made available in digital format via an RS485 or PROFIBUS interface.

STEP-TEC offers a unique graphical software front end known as Spindle Diagnostic Software SDS. This tool provides access to all spindle data such as:

  • Number of operating hours
  • Number of tool changes and state of the clamping system
  • Temperatures (e.g. bearings, motor winding)
  • Acceleration readings (vibrations) in three planes
  • Crash events (with date and time when linked to PROFIBUS©)
  • Spindle speed- and logging of operating periods
  • Date and time of commissioning (entries made by the machine manufacturer)
  • Spindle specific data (entry done by Step-Tec)

    - Customer service and machine operators have a huge benefit for diagnostic and analyzing purposes.

    - The integrated data logger function supports the operator for application optimizing during milling process and helps to maximize spindle/ machine lifetime. 

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