Spindle Exchange Programm

Spindle Exchange program (SEP) is a unique tailor-made exchange program for customers whose highest priority is the availability of manufacturing equipment. We stock refurbished exchange Spindles for you at three dedicated locations in Europe, Asia and North America.


Two-hundred exchange Spindles are available from stock on 365 days per year.

Your benefits:

  • Maximum availability of your machine
  • Highest availability worldwide
  • Mechanically and optically as new
  • Full warranty, as new Spindles
  • Large portfolio of Spindles

Our service includes

  • Full logistical handling of the entire replacement process, including delivery of the exchange Spindle and return of the defective Spindle to one of our repair shops
  • Reported analysis of the returned Spindle

Spindle Exchange Programm

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Thanks to an optimal connection to international logistics networks, we can offer you 24 to 48-hour global availability by express courier, forwarding agent or airfreight with more than 90 percent of the requirements.

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