Spindle Factory Repair

Spindle Factory Repair (SFR) is a customer- optimized repair concept which is adapted exactly to your requirements and the state of your Spindles. Step-Tec AG is your competent partner for cost- optimized Spindle repairs. We offer you shortest processing time, starting at three working days after our receipt of the Spindle, respectively after obtaining your purchase order. Step-Tec AG will guarantee your maximum Spindle availability.

Your benefits:

  • Based on our long-term experience and our core competency, you will receive detailed expert's’ reports and documented analysis reports
  • Machine conditions as well as processes can be optimized due to the failure mode of the Spindle
  • Due our short and optimized repair process times, you will gain maximum Spindle availability
  • Excellent repair quality and highest reliability, due to original Spindle spare parts
  • Cost-optimized and transparent repair politics
  • Full manufacturer warranty for repairs and spare parts
  • Term accuracy
  • Maximum availability of our original spare parts program for your repairs
  • Maximum life cycle of repairs is guaranteed under application of most modern technology

Our service includes:

  • Repair and optimization of third-party products (all brands)
  • Fast response times and short waiting times due to several repair locations in Switzerland, China and Canada
  • We offer you a Spindle pickup at your location anywhere in the world so you achieve your goal with minimal effort and at best price
  • Balancing contract work for shafts (maximum 180 mm diameter to 800 mm length, 50 kg weight)
  • Sale of Spindle accessories and original Spindle spare parts

Spindle Factory Repair

GF Machining Solutions AG
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Pan Am Spindle Repair Inc.
Bay 2, 1916-30th Avenue, N.E.
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GF Machining Solutions AG
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Changzhou GF Machining Solutions Ltd
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