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In pursuit of highest business sustainability, you must overcome challenges specific to your production envi­ronment. GF Machining Solutions’ worldwide presence and large range of services—from dedicated consum­ables and preventive services to application support— provide you with tailor-made service solutions to ensure:

  • Long-term cost predictability
  • Extremely high machine availability
  • Global protection of your machine fleet, anywhere in the world
  • Production process optimization solutions

We offer 6 differents packages depending on your special needs : 

Copper  This package is well suited for customers with a need for stable, proven performance.
Iron This package is designed for customers operating 24/7 with a very high demand for availability and reliability of the machine. Typically, these customers work in parts production and require machine availability beyond 90%.
Titanium This package is designed for customers for whom unexpected machine downtime would yield high costs. They expect machine availability to exceed 95%. Aerospace customers typically must maintain such high standards.
Smooth Created for customers who prefer transparent budget figures and need fixed maintenance and repair costs, this package offers stable and reliable performance.
Global  This package is suited for customers who are expanding globally and supply their customers with a centrally developed, high quality product worldwide.
Operation This package is suited for customers who need to reduce overhead and gain efficiency. With these packages customers negotiate an annual, competitive contract to supply all their different sites with consumables and wear parts with GF 

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