Geometrical control

To prevent wear on machine components

Advanced Services - Geometrical Control

What is this service?

  • Geometry measurements such as straightness, squareness and parallelism are performed to maintain your machine in an optimal state according to ISO 230-1 specification.
  • Uses a large range of precise and regularly calibrated tools like rulers, stone angles, checking mandrels, pallets, gauges and homemade tooling specific to GF Machining Solutions machines
  • If machine geometry is out of balance, we offer all-round consulting and proper adjusting of your machine.

What are the benefits?

  • Assurance of optimal tolerances for production parts
  • Allow better planning of the parts exchange
  • Reduction of maintenance efforts, machine downtime and waste

Why to use this service?

  • Ensure perfect geometry after machine movement or mechanical impact like collision/crash
  • Maintain optimal condition machine lifetime
  • Prevent unexpected wear on machine components

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