Nadcap accreditation support

Advanced Services - Nadcap Accreditation

What is this service?

  • GF Machining Solutions supports the Nadcap certification process at the customers site with dedicated services: 

            - Generator characterization

            - Maintenance program

            - Certified trainings for the operators

  • Nadcap is the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program elaborated and defined as standard by the major firms of the aerospace industry

What are the benefits?

  • GF Machining Solutions’ long experience in EDM technology
  • Assurance of production repeatability and traceability
  • Continuous upgrading of operators’ skills

Why to use this service?

  • Fulfill some of the requirements of the audit criteria list AC 7116/3:

            - Regular checking of the equipment

            - Applied processes under control

            - Operators regularly trained

            - Detailed documentation of the certification process

  • Belong to the list of Nadcap certified manufacturers, as Nadcap is increasingly a “must” for suppliers in the aerospace segment

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