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From June to December 2015 
buy one CUT 200/300/400 and 2015 hours of consumables will be included: wire, filters, resins and wear parts (details available on request).

Reduce tooling times and increase flexibility:
5% extra discount on our Automation applied to the machine you buy.

Limited offer: don’t lose it!


Our limited offer includes:

Nr. 32 Spools* AC Brass 900 ø 25mm, 16 Kg
Nr. 8 pieces H34
200 liters Resin
Nr. 1 Cut 200-300-400 Wear part kit
Nr. 1 Cut 200-300-400 Wire guide kit
Contratto 1 giorno Cut 200-300-400 Preventive maintenance

* calculated with the following conditions

  • Material: steel
  • 50mm height
  • Main Cut + 2 finishing cut
  • Ra 0,70μm

Extra discount on our Automation

System 3R Workpal Compact Servo Modest demands, major benefits


System 3R WorkPal Compact Servo is a simple step into the world of automation. It’s an easy-to-use friendly pallet charger for automatic changing of pallets in wire EDM machines, for example:

  • Handles weights up to 15 kg with WEDM tooling
  • From 4 to 60 magazine Positions (depending on requested configuration)
  • Very compact footprint (Req. floor space 1,2x1,2 m)


Palletising systems from System 3R reduce tooling times and increase flexibility, productivity and the degree of utilisation of your machine.

Cesare Aldeghi
Aldeghi s.r.l.


"Now more than ever the shortest delivery times became a more and more important factor of competitiveness. More than ten years ago we started to consider the opportunity of automating the production in wire EDM field, although our orders were, and still are, typical jobs for single high precision pieces. In 2004 we installed the first System 3R WorkPal Robot. Today they are as many as five! Results in productivity were immediately very good. For us, thinking about buying a new EDM without automation means having in our company an incomplete plant.'


The TAPER-EXPERT enables perfect surface finish, and the accuracy of the angle ensures proper location and alignment of components in the mold.

Mohammed Antwar
United Kingdom


"We use the module to machine large (up to 45°) high-precision tapers on prototypes and components - irrespective of the height of the part. The system uses large radius wire guides which ensures that the wire does not vibrate when machining, and this in turn delivers excellent surface finishes up to Ra 0.2 µm. The TAPER-EXPERT system makes our wire EDM process more accurate and versatile. Described as a Smart module – TAPER-EXPERT really is a clever piece of kit."


The challenge with large taper angles is the diameter of the wire threading jet. The exclusive design of the MULTIJET nozzle removes this drawback and allows automatic threading in starting holes with a diameter as small as 1.5 mm while the machine is in a configuration to cut tapers of up to 30 degrees.

Karl Haunold
Haunold Erodiertechnik


"The Smart threading (Multijet) works with a reliability of 100% enabling us to produce with unmanned night shifts."

New Steel technology

Thanks to the constant improvement of our PROFIL-EXPERT function and an easy way to adapt special sparking, with our digital clean cut generator, we are now able to reach extra performance by reducing the machining time not compromising surface quality and precision.

Technology Wire
∅ (mm)
Material Cut Nb Ra (μm) Tkm (μm) Machining Time
Brass 900
0.25 Steel 3 cuts 0.7 5 35 min.
Brass 900
0.25 Steel 3 cuts 1.4 6 47 min.



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