Italy’s ALDEGHI S.r.l. exceeds moldmaking customers’ expectations with GF Machining Solutions’ taper-cutting and thermostabilization technologies

10-abr-2017 14:00

Situated in the small town of Cisano Bergamasco in Italy’s Bergamo province, ALDEGHI S.r.l (a division of M.S.Ambrogio Group) is surrounded by history, from the Colleoni Chapel—a Renaissance jewel in Bergamo’s crown—to the majestic Piazza Vecchia, the heart of the upper city. Founded by Aldeghi’s father, Pietro Aldeghi, in 1983 in roughly 200-square-meter workshop, today’s ALDEGHI S.r.l. encompasses 2,000 square meters, including 1,600 square meters of covered and thermostabilized with air conditioning and is bound full speed for the future.

"For us, the future really is in automation of our processes to ensure quality and productivity," said Aldeghi.

Automotive components are getting smaller and smaller. The convergence of automotive and information and communications (ICT) technology contribute to miniaturization and drive the evolution of tighter tolerances for stamping and molds, he explained. This trend extends to clearances for sliding components and ejectors and angles for sliders, for example.

To continue outperforming his customers’ quality and precision expectations, Aldeghi listens to the market, and he turns to GF Machining Solutions for quality-driving technologies.

“We listen to our customers in order to have a deep understanding for their needs and requirements,” he said. “We never hesitate to beyond our customers’ quality expectations in order to really ensure customer satisfaction and confidence in the results.”

Supporting the company’s particular strengths—quality of surfaces and precision, as well as on-time delivery—Aldeghi counts on GF Machining Solutions EDM products and Milling, application experts and Customer Services. ALDEGHI’s GF Machining Solutions machine fleet includes eight wire-cutting EDM machines: one AgieCharmilles CUT 200 mS, two CUT 300 mS, two ROBOFIL 4030 SI, and one each of the ROBOFIL 2030 SI, ROBOFIL 6030 SI TW and ROBOFIL 2050 TW. Six of those eight EDM machines are equipped with System 3R WorkPal pallet changing robots to increase machine productivity and capacity, and ALDEGHI relies on a Mikron VCP 800 W Duro, as well.

Taper-cutting mastery

To ramp up the firm’s taper-cutting accuracy and surface quality, Aldeghi has counts on the precision-boosting thermostabilization of his GF Machining Solutions’ wire ED machines, and has invested in GF Machining Solutions’ TAPER-EXPERT to master taper machining.

TAPER-EXPERT Advance takes advantage of the CUT 300 mS machines’ Quadrax design to allow extremely precise machining of tapers with angles varying from 0 to 45 degrees. In real time during machining, this unique, optional GF Machining Solutions’ smart module correct the wire position, depending on the angle without sacrificing surface quality.

“One of our CUT 300 mS machines has been completely configured and calibrated to work with the TAPER-EXPERT option. This allows us to work between 10- and 30-degree angles— and most often between 10 and 12 degrees—and achieve reference plane accuracy between 3 μm and 5 μm,” Aldeghi explained. “Sliding components, for example, require increasing accuracy in terms of size and angle for high-quality tooling.”

Access to excellent quality, rather than price alone, played a key role in Aldeghi’s decision to add TAPER-EXPERT Advance to his shop’s technological toolbox.

“We are always researching ways to achieve excellence, whatever the machining conditions,” he said.

Accuracy-boosting thermostabilization

In parallel, ALDEGHI relies on GF Machining Solutions’ state-of-the-art thermostabilization technology to help defeat temperature fluctuations, the No. 1 enemy of accuracy. The active thermostabilization of ALDEGHI’s CUT 300 mS machines ensures highest accuracy by maintaining thermal consistency during processing. Thermal regulation is incorporated to regulate water tank temperature to within ±0.2 degrees Celsius, and water at a constant temperature flows inside the machine’s most sensitive components to stabilize the temperature of the mineral casting base and Y axis while cooling the cabin air conditioning system. Even if the workshop temperature varies, the machine’s mechanical components remain stable so that high positioning accuracy is guaranteed.

Beyond the enormous benefits delivered by TAPER-EXPERT Advance and active thermostabilization, Aldeghi values his long relationship with GF Machining Solutions.

“We have always been confident with GF Machining Solutions for service and application support, and their sales people are always welcomed here,” he explained, adding that with EDM, Milling and System 3R Automation technologies, GF Machining Solutions is a singlesource solutions provider that helps drive his company’s success.

“Our good relationship and the efficient technical support make GF Machining Solutions a reliable partner for our business,” Aldeghi said.


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