Efficiency is at manufacturers’ fingertips with GF Machining Solutions’ AgieCharmilles CUT E 350 / CUT E 600 wire-cutting EDM solutions

11-jul-2017 16:15

Streamlined job setup, improved cutting speed and surface quality, protection of valuable workpieces, and perfect process robustness are all at the touch of a finger with GF Machining Solutions’ AgieCharmilles CUT E 350 / CUT E 600 range of wire-cutting electrical discharge machining (EDM) solutions.

Visitors to GF Machining Solutions’ 2017 International Solution Days, April 24–28 in Losone, Switzerland, will discover the AgieCharmilles CUT E 350 / CUT E 600 machines’ game-changing efficiency enabled by a smart, easy-to-use human-machine interface (HMI) and onboard technologies. ISD is the place to experience how manufacturers are cutting both simple and complex parts—and their costs—faster, thanks to this series’ flexible, intelligent job management and speed-dedicated processes.

Successfully benchmarked against various market models in terms of cutting time, wire consumption, surface finish and precision, the speed-oriented processes of the machines’ Intelligent Power Generator have proven to deliver significant advantages. Manufacturers save time by using standard processes to produce standard geometries, thereby eliminating time-consuming, additional process tuning. Results demonstrate distinct benefits in terms of lower cost per part, reduced wire consumption with greater surface quality, and equivalent precision.

On punch parts, for example, AgieCharmilles CUT E 350 / 600 machines’ fast cutting speed appreciably reduces cost per part and increases productivity in comparison to conventional machine models. As a result, manufacturers can cut faster and increase their productivity without compromising on surface quality.

At the same time, users can immediately benefit from GF Machining Solutions’ coated wire to further reduce costs per part in comparison to standard brass wire—and they can do it while preserving their precision and surface quality. They also benefit from immediate, advanced process optimization to achieve better surface finish with the same number of cuts executed with a conventional model machine or an equivalent surface finish with fewer cuts. Another immediate benefit delivered by the AgieCharmilles CUT E 350 / 600 is considerably reduced running costs, thanks to reduced wire consumption.

With such notable and fast return on investment, it’s no wonder manufacturers around the world continue to rely on the AgieCharmilles CUT E 350 / 600 for their high efficiency, accurate cutting of complex shapes, and effective cutting on short runs.

cut-e-350GF Machining Solutions’ AgieCharmilles CUT E 350 and AgieCharmilles CUT E 600 wire-cutting EDM machines help manufacturers cut their parts—and their costs—faster than conventional machine models.

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