Step-Tec: always a step ahead GF Machining Solutions’ in-house Spindle manufacturer to showcase two new Spindles at EMO Hannover 2017

19-sep-2017 10:30

Renowned Swiss Spindle manufacturer Step-Tec, a technical unit of GF Machining Solutions, will showcase two all-new Spindle solutions in the GF Division’s booth (Hall 27, Stand B24) at EMO Hannover 2017, September 18–23, in Hannover, Germany. Visitors will discover Step-Tec’s new HVC140 CoolCore Spindle HSK-E40 targeted at mold and die production and high-end parts production, as well as its new HPC290 Spindle for heavy-duty milling structural parts, blisks, fir-tree disks and blades for aerospace.

Renowned Swiss Spindle manufacturer Step-Tec today builds more than 100 different Spindle models in diameters ranging from 90 mm to 320 mm, covering a performance range of 1 to 130 kW, and delivering torques of up to 1,200 Nm on its most powerful Spindle. Induction motors with speeds up to 60,000 min-1 and synchronous motors with highest power density are available in Step-Tec’s Spindles, depending on the application. Its range of products, solutions and services is as unique as customers’ requirements to stay ahead of the competition, whether the application is in milling, drilling, turning or grinding.

New HVC140 CoolCore Spindle

Targeted at mold and die manufacturing and high-end parts production, Step-Tec’s new HVC140 CoolCore Spindle with HSK-E40 tool interface will be shown at EMO Hannover 2017. This successor CoolCore Spindle ranks best in class in terms of precision and thermostability. Its through-shaft cooling (CCS) allows the least amount of thermal growth and recovery time at the tool interface. At the same time, this Spindle delivers highest-ever static and dynamic stiffness with the least amount of runout. It has a dust-dry Spindle nose for medical or graphite machining.

In mold and die, the HVC140 CoolCore Spindle is the go-to solution for mold component manufacturing for information and communications technology (ICT) applications and other super-precision moldmaking applications. On the part production side, it is particularly suitable for high-precision machining and grinding applications in medical, dental, watch and jewelry applications.

New HPC290 Spindle

EMO Hannover 2017 is the place to also experience the new Step-Tec HPC290—on display in the Step-Tec area on GF Machining Solutions’ EMO booth. With high torque and superb rigidity for working with large tools, the HPC290 is a platform Spindle for customization, accommodating HSK-T100, HSK-A100, ISO-SK50 and Capto-C8 tool holders. These characteristics make it a perfect choice for applications requiring heavy roughing and power milling, including aerospace and energy components such as turbine parts, blisks, fir-tree disks and blades and structural components. This Spindle is also useful for mold and die applications. Moreover, the HPC290’s compactness makes it suitable for swiveling axes. Ensuring best thermal stability thanks to the OptiCool principle (OCS) and providing highest dynamic stiffness and load capacity, this Spindle takes power milling to a new level.

In addition to these two new Spindle solutions, Step-Tec will showcase five standard Spindles at EMO Hannover 2017:

  • Step-Tec HPC190, a versatile platform Spindle for precision machining of molds and parts. Accommodating HSK-A63, ISO/BT-40, HSK-A80 and Capto-C6 tool holders, this Spindle’s light weight enables linear motor applications, and an available shaft interlock (SSL) makes mill/turn operations possible. It is the answer for manufacturers seeking adequate productivity and chip-to-chip time when, for example, machining aluminum.
  • Step-Tec HPC240-Aero for energy and aerospace applications, a solution for heavy roughing of, for example, turbine parts and structural components made of tough materials. With the Step-Tec HPC240-Aero, users achieve roughing and finishing in one go and profit from unmatched price/performance ratio. The Spindle features an HSK-A80 tool interface, a long nose design, and computer-numerical controlled (CNC) adjustable coolant nozzles.
  • Step-Tec HPG211 designed for precision power grinding of production components including linear bearings, steering racks, lead screws and general gear parts, as well as deep grinding of thread rolling dies and finish grinding of aerospace parts such as turbine vanes. The Step-Tec HPG211 Spindle delivers great static and dynamic stiffness with the least amount of runout to ensure superb surface finishes. Plus, it has an integrated system for disk balancing, a dust dry Spindle nose and high power density.
  • Step-Tec HVC120 high-speed Spindle for high-precision machining and grinding for mold and die as well as medical, dental, watch and jewelry applications. This solution brings together an HVC120 OptiCool Spindle, superb precision and thermostability, and 60,000-1 speed with the HSK-E32 tool holder. It has a dust dry Spindle nose for medical or graphite machining.
  • HVC140 OptiCool Spindle with HSK-E40 tool interface for mold and die and high-end parts production, including precision machining of mold components for ICT as well as other super-precision mold components and high-precision machining and grinding for medical, dental, watch and jewelry applications. This Spindle solution delivers great precision and thermostability and superb price/performance ratio. Users will profit from highest-ever static and dynamic stiffness with the least amount of runout. At the same time, the HVC140 OptiCool Spindle’s energy efficiency is accelerated by a stand-by mode when the Spindle is at rest. It also has a dust dry Spindle nose for medical or graphite machining.
media-release-8aStep-Tec’s new HVC140 CoolCore Spindle
media-release-8bStep-Tec’s new HPC290 Spindle

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